DEZENT wheel TZ-c

DEZENT wheel TZ-c

Five double spokes, a high load up to 810 kg per wheel, three color variations and absolutely free of approval thanks to ECE. These are the key parameters of the DEZENT wheel TZ-c that has been specially designed and constructed for BMWs.

Due to the abundance of ECE applications, the light alloy wheel is the perfect technical fit for the BMW 5 Series, the BMW 6 Series and the BMW 7 Series. Car-specific wheels is the keyword here – original manufacturer fixtures and hub caps can be used.

Well-designed allrounder

With the two colour variations dark and graphite, the wheel is a true quick-change artist.

The spokes alignment is well-balanced and the recessed centre area further enhances the spokes pairs.

The application possibilities for cars with 5-hole attachment and 112 pitch circle diameter are available in the dimensions 7.5x17 and 8.0x18 inches. The sporty elegance of the DEZENT wheel TZ-c provides cars of the German premium manufacturer with an extra eyecatcher.

In addition to the above mentioned ECE approval, the German quality manufacturer DEZENT offers VTA certifications for a number of other models. Whether ECE or VTA, both save car owners the hassle of registration. 100% technically verified. Easy to install and a perfect alternative to pricier original wheels. In short: Fit your wheels and drive off!

100% winterproof

Thanks to the innovative SRC-paint all polished wheels from the ALCAR Group (DEZENT, AEZ and DOTZ) are protected against salt, intense sun and small scratches. Thereby the wheel still looks great even after many years. SRC means “Salt & Sun Resistant” while the letter C refers to the sealing layer (coating) – primer layer, paint layer, top layer or sealing layer. The ultra-hard 3-layer finish ensures perfect protection, especially for the cold season.

Original hub caps and screws can be used

DEZENT car-specific wheels are rims especially developed for a desired car. When using these wheels, no centring rings are required for installations. In most cases, the car-mounted original fixtures and hub caps of manufacturers can be used.


ECE approval corresponds to VTA in character while it is also applicable all over Europe. A TÜV inspection or a registration into car documents is not necessary as the specifications of the replacement parts correspond one-to-one to the manufacturer’s original parts. The advantage over VTA: no need to carry any documents.

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Summary Dezent TZ-c

Dimensions: 7.5x17", 8.0x18"
Construction: cast, one-piece, 5-hole attachment
Finish: dark, graphite
Loads: up to 810 kg
TPMS: 100% fit for TPMS
VTA: yes
ECE: BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series, BMW 7 Series and many more

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