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We offer a huge range of DEZENT Wheels in all dimensions at low prices!

Offering a wide range of products and a fair price policy, DEZENT has contributed to alloy wheels having become an affordable means to individualise passenger cars of all sizes and classes. While the maxim “top quality at fair prices” can certainly be considered timeless, fashion trends are less constant. That’s why, DEZENT keeps advancing its product range, always seeking out new trends. All DEZENT wheels are TPMS-Fit and have been prepeared for the inclusion of the necessary radio sensors (TPMS). 

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The classically-powerful appearance of the DEZENT RE also makes sure that the wheel has many diverse uses: it works on city run-abouts like the Toyota Aygo or Smart, as well as larger vehicles and underlines the character of Limousines, Cabrios as well as compact SUVs.

The wheel is robust and suitable for everyday use. As a result it is particularly suitable as an expressive winter wheel, as the cold time of the year cannot do the wheel any harm. 


BMW drivers have always liked sport-type accessories. But these also always have to be in line with this particular brand’s character. DEZENT has therefore now come up with its TB, a new, brand-specific alloy wheel that in its design and technology is simply “typically BMW”. Stylish even in winter, the robust wheel has a salt-spray-tested clear-lacquer coating and is tyre-chain-compatible.

In technical terms, the DEZENT TB has been customised for the BMW 1 Series, X1, 3 Series, X3, Z4, 5, 6 and 7 Series models and follows the “plug & play“ motto. With its “EH2+“-Hump, it is fully in line with the BMW-typical “runflat” tyre guidelines.

In visual terms, the DEZENT TB is right on the money. The special five spoke layout, inwardly bent to the centre, is typically BMW. The “maximum concave“ is made possible by the Bavarian cars’ special brake design. The design of the DEZENT TB is straightforward and therefore sporty. The proportions are axis-symmetric and the distribution of the comparatively large surfaces is balanced. Doing without small sections makes the wheel appear very assertive – and cleaning it easier, too. Sometimes, “keep it simple“ is the best advice. For all the wheel’s simplicity, the wedge-shaped spoke edges make for some tension, dynamism. Even though the DEZENT TB follows the classic BMW design and permits fixing the original centre cap from the famous Bavarian car brand, its details simply make this wheel unique.

DEZENT TB silver
DEZENT TB graphite


DEZENT TC silver


Retro, anti-retro, progressive or futuristic? If you are not sure and want to find the right style, you will rather go for a classic design. But what about innovation? This straight wheel with the surprising bend will still be fashionable in years to come. The range of cars you can use this wheel on is large at any rate. There are seven dimensions in total, from 14 to 17 inches and 4 and 5-hole variants.

DEZENT TD silver
DEZENT TD black matt
DEZENT TD graphite matt


Specially designed for modern SUVs, the popular BMW X-models (X1, X3, X5) or the Hyundai Santa Fe, the wheel’s powerful design is based upon its large tyre load. The DEZENT TE is also most suitable for modern vans, convenient and chic estate cars and elegant limousines. The 17 and 18-inch wheels “made in Germany“ are robust down to their last detail and thus ready for winter. Because of a special clear-lacquer they will withstand all the snow, slush or road salt out on the streets.

DEZENT TE silver
DEZENT TE black matt


With the TG wheel, DEZENT now has the “Mercedes” among alloy wheels in its portfolio. After all, this absolutely winter-proof design has been geared to what Mercedes drivers might want in terms of technology and looks in particular.

DEZENT TE silver
DEZENT TE black/polished


With its finsih, the allow wheel lends elegant lightness to big vehicles without appearing like a foreign object. The wide spokes framed by sublimed edges perfectly go with the physique of the practical “heavy-weight athletes”. The edging of the five massive spokes and the flange are polished and ensure clear lines, bright accents and emphasize the presence of vehicles like the VW T5, Mercedes V-class, VW Touareg or Amarok.

The clear, straight-forward language of forms goes well with the image and moreover has the advantage that the DEZENT TH is easy to clean in the summer as well as in the winter.

DEZENT TH silver
DEZENT TH black/polished


DEZENT TI silver
DEZENT TI black/polished


As the name already suggests, the Dezent TJ is best equipped for „Tough Jobs“ and thus perfectly suited for Toyota Landcruisers, Mitsubishi L200s, Pajeros and many others which spend their free time also off-road.

Already at first glance, the TJ’s clear language of forms scores well with the compact middle part and sublimed spoke edges. The struts were designed to be a bit wider, giving a more stable, striking and tasteful look.


Ten blunted spokes and a slim centre: you can see at first glance that the silver-painted DEZENT TM was designed for Mini Coopers. The convex struts feature a central ribbing, creating another lightstep.

The DEZENT TM combines traditional and modern styling elements and thus magnificently bridges elegance and sportiness. But its technology is also great: thanks to its ECE approval and an engraved type number you can simply plug & play!


The wheel does not only draw upon the Smart design, but also has the right dimensions for this daring compact car. Nor is it a problem to mount this Smart-typical 5 and 5.5×15’’ staggered set. And thanks to ECE homologation, you don’t need any Vehicle Type Approval or entry in your car registration.

Dezent TS
DEZENT TS silver
Dezent TS dark
DEZENT TS black/polished


The spokes get even more concave on their way to the flange. The outwardly widening struts also stand for real dynamism and, at the same time, make for a harmoniously slim centre.

A technical plus is the “OE-style rim well”, which ensures an optimised use of balance weights and thus guarantees a good brake clearance.

Thanks to ECE homologation and a General Operating Permit for many a car, it is easy – just Plug & Play.

DEZENT TX silver
DEZENT TX graphite matt


The DEZENT TY is a modern rim the exceptionality of which lies in the detail. Moreover, the DEZENT engineers have developed the new TY model keeping in mind the best possible relation between material strength and weight, which in turn results in lower fuel consumption and hence CO2 emission.

Oozing a modern look and reduced to the bare essentials, convex and concave surfaces mix and offer one thing in particular: a variety of application possibilities for cars featuring 4- and 5-hole attachments in the 15–18-inch range. The dark grey elegance of the DEZENT TY graphite matte gives models such as VW Golf, VW Passat, Audi A4 Avant or Mercedes C-Class extra dynamic. Furthermore, VTA is available for a number of other cars, which saves the trouble of registration. In short, it’s just plug & drive.

In addition to the classic DEZENT TY in graphite matte, a classic silver version is also available. Due to its open shape, the new five-spokes design proves highly convincing also when it comes to keeping your rims clean, and it offers a perfect alternative to more expensive original rims, especially for compact car owners.

DEZENT TY silver
DEZENT TY graphite matt


Five double spokes, a high load up to 810 kg per rim, three colour variations and absolutely free of approval thanks to ECE. These are the key parameters of the new DEZENT flagship. The new DEZENT TZ is a universal, trendy double spoke that matches a wide range of car models, not only design-wise. Due to the abundance of ECE applications, the light alloy wheel is technically versatile and easy to use.

The new DEZENT TZ-c has been specially designed and constructed for cars bearing the propeller logo. Due to the abundance of ECE applications, the light alloy wheel is the perfect technical fit for the BMW 5 Series, the BMW 6 Series and the BMW 7 Series. Car-specific wheels is the keyword here – original manufacturer fixtures and hub caps can be used.

DEZENT TZ silver
DEZENT TZ black/polished
DEZENT TZ graphite matt


The silver light alloy wheel in the five-spokes design has a load of up to 1,350 kg, making it suitable for the majority of light trucks and vans. The trapezoid-running spokes make the wheel look more delicate, and owing to the elaborate low-pressure casting production process the developers managed to achieve maximum stability. The availability of 5 and 6-hole versions in 6.5 x 16 inch makes it possible to supply the light alloy rim to nearly all light trucks and van models.