TRACER wheel spacers offer the perfect solution for fine tuning wheel fitment to enhance both form and function. They are mounted between the wheel and the hub and thus noticeably improve driving behavior. Designed and produced in Germany using state of the art CNC technology, all spacers are rigorously tested and approved, guaranteeing the highest fit, finish and quality.

Each high grade corrosion resistant aluminum spacer is precision built to be both hub and wheel centric, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless operation. Available in a variety of sizes and fitments, TRACER is sure to have the perfect finishing touch to your wheel fitment upgrade.  

TRACER Wheel Spacers System 5

The TRACER System 5 is a hubcentric plug-in system that greatly improves the driving characteristics. 

Width: 3mm or 5mm

Tracer System 5 Tunershop

TRACER Wheel Spacers System 2

Tracer’s wheel spacer system 2 is a double-centering plug-in system – hubcentric and wheel centric. 

Width: 10mm or 15mm

Tracer Wheel Spacer System 2 Tunershop

TRACER Wheel Spacers System 4

Unlike the two previous systems, System 4 includes the fastening materials required for the screw connection. System 4 is a tightly bolted system with double hubcentric.

Width: 20mm

Tracer Wheel Spacer System 4 Tunershop

To attach TRACER Wheel Spacers you generally need longer wheel bolts, which must be ordered separately. Please pay attention to the design of your original screws (i.e. taper, round, loose round or flat and the required length). You can find all the screws you’ll need to install your TUNERSHOP TRACER system here: