Wheel Bolts Opel Astra Corsa Vectra Agila Adam Insignia Ascona Calibra Combo Kadett Meriva Omega Senator Signum Sintra Speedster Tigra Zafira

Here you can find the correct wheel bolts and lug nuts for OEM and aftermarket Opel / Vauxhall alloy and steel wheels! Visit our onlineshop and order your wheel bolts for Opel and Vauxhall at low prices.




Opel Agila H-B (B) 2008-
Opel Ascona C, C-CC 1981-1988
Opel Astra F F-CARAVAN 1991-1998
Opel Astra F F, F-CABRIO 1991-2000
Opel Astra G T98. 1998-2004
Opel Astra G T98 1998-2005
Opel Astra G Cabrio T98 1998-2004
Opel Astra G Caravan T98 1998-2004
Opel Astra H A-H/C/SW. 2004-2010
Opel Astra H A-H/C/SW 2004-2010
Opel Calibra A 1990-1997
Opel Calibra A. 1990-1997
Opel Combo B 71 1994-2001
Opel Combo C Combo-C 2001-2010
Opel Combo C C Van 2001-2010
Opel Combo D Combo-D-Van 2011-
Opel Corsa A A-CC 1982-1993
Opel Corsa B S93 * 1993-2000
Opel Corsa C C (4-Loch) 2000-2006
Opel Corsa C C (5-Loch) 2000-2006
Opel Corsa D S-D 100/4 Loch 2006-
Opel Corsa D S-D 110/5 Loch 2006-
Opel GT KR 2007-2009
Opel Kadett E E CC 1984-1993
Opel Meriva X01MONOCAP 2003-2010
Opel Meriva X01MONOCAP (5Loch) 2003-2010
Opel Meriva S-D MONOCAP B 2010-
Opel Omega A|A-CARAVAN 1986-1993
Opel Omega B|B-CARAVAN 1994-2003
Opel Senator B 1987-1993
Opel Signum VECTRA/SW Z-C 2003-2008
Opel Sintra GM200-GME 1996-1999
Opel Speedster E00TARGA 2000-2005
Opel Tigra (Coupe) S93 1994-2000
Opel Tigra Twin Top (Roadster) X-C 2004-2009
Opel Vectra A A|A-CC 1988-1995
Opel Vectra A A|AX|CC 1988-1995
Opel Vectra B J96. 1995-2002
Opel Vectra B J96 1995-2002
Opel Vectra B Caravan J96/KOMBI 1995-2002
Opel Vectra C VECTRA/Lim/SW|Z-C 2002-2008
Opel Zafira T98/MONOCAB 1999-2005
Opel Zafira B A-H/MONOCAB 2005-




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