Vogtland Coilovers

VOGTLAND coilovers provide individual lowering with a sportive damper characteristic. Equipped with compression and rebound characteristics suitable for the track, yet comfortable enough for the street, the twin tube dampers are designed to control the high spring forces.

Thanks to the adjustable rebound damping, an adjustment in the setup is also possible in addition to the individual lowering. The coilover can thus be perfectly adapted to your own needs and is sporty on the road.

The adjustable damper setting allows a top road handling and excellent ride quality. Depending on the vehicle type the TÜV-approved adjusting range up to 80 mm guarantees sportive optics.


The damping and height adjustable coilover kits by VOGTLAND combines the height adjustability to lower the vehicle and rebound externally adjustable shocks for the perfectly tuned street performance vehicle. All coilover kits are equipped with specifically designed VOGTLAND manufactured “VVS” high quality springs.

By unsing the VOGTLAND Coilovers you achieve a sporty appearance and at the same time an improvement in handling when driving in sporty manner. 

VOGTLAND coilover

All VOGTLAND springs are designed for a high dynamic load and are professionally presetted. Corrosion protection is provided through a special phosphating and the epoxy powder coating ensures additional protection against environmental influences. 


VOGTLAND is an international spring manufacturer. With over 110 years of experience, you can trust VOGTLAND Sport Suspension to handle your vehicles most demanding performance needs. From the street to the track you can find a VOGTLAND Suspension product to suit your desire. VOGTLAND prides itself on quality, with 100% all spring manufacturing in Germany, you can rest assured no corner has been cut. Every spring is designed to perform under the most demanding conditions.

Quality is an integral part of VOGTLAND’s heritage. Their production Quality-Management-Systems are in line with ISO TS 16949 and VOGTLAND is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards which are supported internally by engineering, testing capabilities, and training programs to maintain the highest quality assurance standards.