ST coilover suspensions for the VW Golf 8

ST Suspensions coilover suspensions (Type ST XA and ST X) with adjustable rebound damping and ST lowering springs are now available for the new VW Golf 8


Both coilover suspension kits lower the vehicle by 60 millimeters. The part report covers an infinitely variable adjustment range from 35 to 60 millimeters on both axles.

By using KW damper technology, the handling of the new VW Golf 8 is also improved with the ST coilover suspension kits. Despite the maximum lowering, the handling in the Golf is convincing with a surprisingly high level of residual comfort.

ST XA coilover suspensions

The difference between the ST X and the ST XA coilover suspension is that the XA uses a two-stage rebound valve. Thus fine-tuning of the rebound characteristics in the low-speed range of the piston rod movements is allowed. 

The 16 clicks adjustable rebound damping enables a perfect adaption to your car pre-set damper setup according your driving profile with just a few manual steps. The adjustable rebound damping gives you the possibility to adapt the ST coilover kit either more comfortable or sportier.

ST coilover suspension

After installing the ST coilover suspensions to your VW Golf 8 the rolling and driving comfort remains. Even with a maximum payload, the Volkswagen continues to drive in sporty comfort and reacts more precisely to rapid load changes.

All ST suspension products are made of galvanized steel struts with an additional sealing to ensure an optimized corrosion protection. The inner values of the ST coilover suspenions are protected with a low-friction and pressure-ressistant damper housing. The use of a hard chromed piston rod and a mono block guiding- and sealing package supports the protection as well. 

ST spring kits 

The ST lowering springs (height adjustable springs) are an alternative if the focus is on a purely optical lowering in the VW Golf 8. These springs allow a lowering of up to 50 millimeters on the drive axle and up to 45 millimeters on the rear axle. With their adjustable spring perches, these height-adjustable springs are mounted on the standard dampers and thus enable a continuously adjustable lowering range. Perfect for VW Golf 8 models that have adaptive shocks.


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