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Bilstein B4 front Shock absorbers Dampers 22-040534 fits Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet Coupe E Kombi Saloon

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Bilstein B4 front Shock absorbers Dampers 22-040534 fits Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet Coupe E Kombi Saloon

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Delivery Time: 2-3 Days

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Quick Overview

Bilstein B4 Front axle Shock absorbers Dampers 22-040534 fits Mercedes


BILSTEIN B4 -STEIN B4 is the reference for shock absorbers with gas-pressure. Our standard for your car guarantees a perfect driving behaviour – as on the very first day.

For an optimum driving experience and safety.

Over 60 years ago, we developed the monotube gas-pressure shock absorber for series production. The BILSTEIN B4 OE replacement series is available for most passenger cars – in both monotube and twin-tube shock absorber versions.

Features and Benefits
  • BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology provides maximum traction, precise handling and safety
  • Comprehensive product range with high market coverage and availability
  • Restores original ride characteristic
  • Constant damping power under any load
  • BILSTEIN OE quality

  • Bilstein B4 front Shock absorbers Dampers 22-040534 fits Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet Coupe E Kombi Saloon

    Technical Data:

    Set consists of:

    Bilstein B4 front Shock absorbers Dampers 22-040534 fits Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet Coupe E Kombi Saloon

    This product fits for

    ManufacturerModelTypeVehicle Code#
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)200 75 kW0709378
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)200 77 kW0709421, 0708345
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)200 80 kW0709370, 0708335
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)200 E 87 kW0709463, 0708353
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)200 E 90 kW0709464, 0708354
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)200 E 100 kW0708438
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)220 E 110 kW0708439
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)230 E 97 kW0709381
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)230 E Cat 97 kW0708340
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)230 E 100 kW0709371, 0708336
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)260 E 118 kW0709384, 0708342
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)260 E 122 kW0709383, 0708341
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)280 E 145 kW0708440
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 E 132 kW0709386, 0708344
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 E 138 kW0709372
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 E 138 kW0709385, 0708343
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 E-24 162 kW0708404
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 E-24 170 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)320 E 162 kW0708441
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)200 D 53 kW0709373, 0708337
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)200 D 55 kW0709478, 0708358
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)250 D 66 kW0709374, 0708338
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)250 D 69 kW0709479, 0708359
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)250 Turbo-D 93 kW0709467, 0708357
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 D 80 kW0709375, 0708339
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 D 81 kW0708421
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 D 83 kW0709480, 0708360
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 Turbo-D 105 kW0709457, 0708351
    MERCEDES-BENZSALOON (W124)300 Turbo-D 108 kW0709465, 0708355
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)200 T 77 kW0709412, 0708363
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)200 T 80 kW0709411, 0708362
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)200 TE 87 kW0709469, 0708378
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)200 TE 90 kW0709468, 0708377
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)200 E 77 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)200 TE 100 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)220 TE 110 kW0708453
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)230 TE 97 kW0709414
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)230 TE Cat 97 kW0708365
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)230 TE 100 kW0709413, 0708364
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)260 TE FGST. 118 kW0709439, 0708376
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)260 TE FGST. 122 kW0709438, 0708375
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)280 TE 145 kW0708454
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 TE 132 kW0709416, 0708367
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 TE 138 kW0709415, 0708366
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 TE-24 162 kW0708405
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 TE-24 170 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)320 TE 162 kW0708455
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)200 T D 53 kW0709417, 0708368
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)200 T D 55 kW0709470, 0708379
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)250 T D 66 kW0709418, 0708369
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)250 T D 69 kW0709471, 0708380
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 T D 80 kW0709428, 0708370
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)250 TD Turbo 93 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 T D 81 kW0708422
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 T D 83 kW0709482, 0708383
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 T Turbo-D 105 kW0709434, 0708371
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 TD T 100 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZKOMBI T-Model (S124)300 T Turbo-D 108 kW0709472, 0708381
    MERCEDES-BENZCABRIOLET (A124)300 CE-24 162 kW0708436
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)220 CE 110 kW0708450
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)230 CE 97 kW0709441
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)230 CE Cat 97 kW0708384
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)230 CE 100 kW0709442, 0708385
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)300 CE 132 kW0709443, 0708386
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)300 CE 138 kW0709444, 0708387
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)300 CE-24 162 kW0709486, 0708388
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)300 CE-24 170 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (C124)320 CE 162 kW0708451
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 200 100 kW0708438
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 220 110 kW0708439
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 280 142 kW0708462
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 280 145 kW0708440
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 320 162 kW0708441
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 200 D 55 kW0708358
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 250 D 83 kW0708476
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 300 D 100 kW0708477
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W124)E 300 Turbo-D 108 kW0708355
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 200 T 100 kW0708452
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 220 T 110 kW0708453
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 280 T 142 kW0708461
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 280 T 145 kW0708454
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 300 TE-24 AMG 162 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 320 T 162 kW0708455
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 36 T AMG 200 kW0708484
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 250 TD 83 kW0708478
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 250 Turbo D 93 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 300 TD 100 kW0708479
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 300 T Turbo-D 108 kW0708381
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS Coupe (C124)E 200 100 kW0708472
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS Coupe (C124)E 220 110 kW0708450
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS Coupe (C124)E 320 162 kW0708451
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS Coupe (C124)E 36 AMG 195 kW
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS Coupe (C124)E 36 AMG 200 kW0708482
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS Cabriolet (A124)E 200 100 kW0708473
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS Cabriolet (A124)E 220 110 kW0708470
    MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS Cabriolet (A124)E 320 162 kW0708471

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    Bilstein Shock Absorbers Dampers Online Shop

    Bilstein Shock Absorbers Dampers Online Shop

    Additional Information

    SKU INT_BILSTEIN_B4_22-040534_MERC
    Brand Bilstein
    Delivery Time 2-3 Days
    MPN 22-040534
    EAN 4025258422820

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    Product Questions

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