Schmidt Modern Line 8×15 7,5×16 9×16 4×100 5×100

Schmidt Modern Line 15″: The Retro-ML is the Rim that is also known as under the name Revo. Modren Lining gives this Rim timeless and recognizable features. The charm of this Rim makes it recognizable, its stands out between the others. Both wheel sizes are marked with a KBA number, which makes it easy to receive a Seal of Approval.

Schmidt Modern Line 16″: Tuning in the 90s was simple in Germany. There have been a 7,5J and a 9×16 which you needed to fitt to your MKIII Golf, E36 BMW, Opel GSI or Honda Civic. Along with the Azev and Borbet A our Modern Line wheels were the hottest things under rubber. Exactly as in the 90s the Retro MLs are shaped with a curved spoke and a short dish. To give you the authentic German tuner wheel for your car.

schmidt_ml16_highglosssilbe schmidt_ml16_blackgloss schmidt_ml15_highglosssilbe schmidt_ml15_blackgloss

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