Oxigin Wheels

Great wheel-designs for sporty drivers – that’s what Oxigin has stood for for many years. The wheels are available for the majority of vehicle types on the market. Many applications are available with VTA and TÜV.

You will find all Oxigin FlowForged wheels as well as Monoblock and Multipiece wheels in our online shop. Thanks to our configurator you can easily select the right wheel.


OX 14 Oxrock

The Oxigin 14 Oxrock wheel is a motorsport inspired split 10-spoke design that is available from 17 to 22 inches. 

The wheel is finished to the usual high standard that all Oxigin wheels are manufactured to, and the choice of sizes and fitments means they are available to suit a large range of vehicle applications.

All fully painted rims (no polished face) are resistant to salt and have an approval for use in winter.

Oxigin 14 Oxrock
Oxigin 14 Oxrock black
Oxigin 14 Oxrock
Oxigin 14 Oxrock black full polish
Oxigin 14 Oxrock
Oxigin 14 black matt

OX 18 Concave

Five spokes that taper discreetly towards the outside and provide a good view of the brake system. 

The 5-spoke wheel Oxigin 18 Concave is available in three color variations from 17 to 22 inches. 

OX 18 Concaves’ design is a real masterpiece. The spokes harmonize perfectly with the wheel size and the raised tires. In width, the wheel can be selected from 7.5 to 11.5 inches.

But the highlight lies in the wheel designation “Concave”. The spokes run concave from the outer rim under the rim horn to the inside – up to 4.5cm (at 8.5×9 inches).

Oxigin 18 is the first concave Oxigin wheel and thus fully meets the current wheel trend. 

Oxigin Concave 18
Oxigin 18 Concave black
Oxigin Concave 18
Oxigin 18 Concave black full polish
Oxigin Concave 18
Oxigin 18 Concave graphite polish

OX 19 Oxspoke

The Oxigin 19 Oxspoke has an exciting styling with an unique profile. The striking eye-catcher of the aluminium wheel is the unusual spoke shape, which optically relies on a double-Y instead of straight crossbars. 

This not only gives the spokes a more dynamic look, but also makes them look a little larger. 

Despite its low weight, the production made of high-quality aluminium is very robust and contributes to a long lifetime of the wheel. 

OX19 Oxspoke
Oxigin 19 Oxspoke black
OX19 Oxspoke
Oxigin 19 Oxspoke black full polish

OX 20 Attraction

With its 10-spoke design and its concave appearance, the Oxigin 20 Attraction looks sporty, dynamic and slightly larger.

Thanks to the Oxigin typical back-turn and the three-dimensional look, the wheel shows spatial depth and elegance. Made of high quality aluminium, the OX20 Attraction convinces with its low dead weight. 

The light-alloy wheel is available in a size range from 8.5×18 to 10.5×20 inches and is therefore suitable for almost all vehicles.

20 Attraction
Oxigin 20 Attraction black
20 Attraction
Oxigin 20 Attraction black full polish

OX 21 Oxflow

With its innovative flowforged technology, the OX 21 Oxflow starts with an extremely low weight. In the titan brush finish, the five-spoke wheel is particularly distinguished by the contrast between the titanium-colored paint finish and the hand-brushed silver surfaces.

Oxigin 21 Oxflow
Oxigin 21 Oxflow silver brush
Oxigin 21 Oxflow
Oxigin 21 Oxflow titanium

OX 22 Oxrs

The Oxigin 22 Oxrs masters the stylish polarizing and skillfully stands out with its extravagant design from the mass of alloy wheels offered on the rim market. Strong spokes develop in combination with their powerful lines and edges a tremendous momentum and make the Oxrs wheel look even bigger and more elegant.

Oxigin 22 Oxrs
Oxigin 22 Oxrs black
Oxigin 22 Oxrs
Oxigin 22 Oxrs titan polish

OX 23 Diamond

The new OX 23 Diamond is the logical evolution of lightweight “Flowforged” wheels and impresses with its innovative painted and polished surface finishes.

Thus, the color variations black chrome polish with their dark shiny chrome outfit and black full polish with their extremely long backlash put probably everything in the shade.

Completely new perspectives on the wheel design allow the shiny surfaces of the rim surfaces in conjunction with the polished areas. As a perfecting detail, each OX 23 Diamond rim also has a laser-engraved OXIGIN logo in the back turn.

Oxigin 23 Diamond
Oxigin 23 Diamond black chrome polish
OX 23 Diamond
Oxigin 23 Diamond black full polish

OX 24 Oxroad

Six trapezoidal double spokes perfectly showcase the Oxigin 24 Oxroad. Thanks to the Flowfordeg manufacturing process, the Oxigin’s own weight is up to 36% lower than that of cast wheels, which significantly improves driving characteristics.

The wheel is available in the size 9×20 and the color variations black full polish and titan. Due to a load of up to 1.150kg per wheel, the 24 Oxroad fits perfectly for SUVs and light trucks.

24 Oxroad
Oxigin 24 Oxroad black full polish
Oxigin 24 Oxroad
Oxigin 24 titan

OX 25 Oxcross

The Oxigin 25 Oxcross with its new developed cross-spoke design appears sporty and elegant. Available is the one-piece monobloc wheel in the dimensions 8.5×19, 9×20 and 10,5×20.

The distinctive design of the cross-spoke is emphasized by the three color variations hyper silver polish, titan spark and black full polish.

Oxigin 25 Oxcross
Oxigin 25 Oxcross black full polish
Oxigin 25 Oxcross
Oxigin 25 Oxcross hyper silver polish
Oxigin 25 Oxcross
Oxigin 25 Oxcross titan spark


A no-compromise multipiece wheel is the Oxigin MP1 with its long-running, rotating spokes that are roughened in the surface, as well as its hand-polished rim base.

The two-part light alloy wheel with cast and screwed wheel spider exudes the impression of pure dynamism and looks particularly large thanks to its spokes that run out of rotation and extend well over the rim well.

The MP1 wheel is available in the sized 9×20″, 9×21″, 9×22″, 10,5×20″, 10,5×21″ and 10,5×22″ as well as in the color variation silver brush.

Oxigin MP1
Oxigin MP1 silver brush


With the MP2, the Oxigin designers have successfully developed a multi-piece wheel with a timeless design. Customers with high demands and attention to detail will find the perfect wheel for their vehicle with the Oxigin MP2.

The two-piece casted and forged wheel definitely belongs to the top class of alloy wheels. Five rotating, generous spokes with a lateral course and a hand-brushed structure characterize the design of the MP2. In the silver brush lip polish color variation, the Oxigin MP2 is available in the sizes 9×20 and 10.5×20.

Oxigin MP2
Oxigin MP2 silver brush lip polish