Oxigin wheels Oxrock 14 7.5×17 8.5×18 8.5×19 9.5×19 8.5×20 9.5×20 11×20 10×22 Inch

TUNERSHOP is an authorized and official global distributor of Oxigin wheels. OXIGIN light alloy wheels have created something of a living legend with their popular OX14 Oxrock alloy wheel.
A striking characteristic of the OX14 Oxrock wheel in the popular “black full polish” finish is the proportions of the polished spokes of this classic cross-spoke star design that make it look even larger than it really is. Speaking of size, the OX14 Oxrock black full polish comes in eight sizes from 7,5×17 to 10×22-inch. Some sizes are supplied with ABE (general operating license) certification that makes an entry in the vehicle documents unnecessary. As an alternative to the gloss or matt black full polish finish, the OX14 Oxrock is also available in a range of other surface finishes including black as well as Colour polish and Neon. A unique bespoke option sees unique surface finishes created using self-adhesive wrap.




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