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Oxigin Attraction wheels 8.5×18 | 8.5×19 | 9×20 and 10,5×20

Now available at TUNERSHOP: Best offers and big deals on all Oxigin wheels. In 2016 Oxigin released the Oxigin 20 Attraction wheel. It comes in sizes 8.5×18 | 8.5×19 | 9×20 and 10,5×20 and in all black finish and black full polish. Additionally Oxigin offers an undercut (HD) for the black full polish version. The Oxigin 20 wheel is finished to the usual high standard that all Oxigin wheels are manufactured to, and the choice of sizes and fitments means they are available to suit a large range of vehicle applications. All fully painted rims (no polished face) are resistant to salt and have an approval for use in winter.




Oxigin 20 Attraction black full polish


Oxigin 20 Attraction black full polish undercut


Oxigin 20 Attraction black



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