New Wheel DOTZ LimeRock

The new wheel DOTZ LimeRock is particularly weight-optimized and therefore perfect for small cars such as the Fiat 500, Opel Corsa or Ford Fiesta. The new wheel in gunmetal and gunmetal front-polished is now available in 16 and 17 inches in our online shop. 

DOTZ LimeRock wheel dark
DOTZ LimeRock dark (gunmetal front-polished)
DOTZ LimeRock wheel grey
DOTZ LimeRock grey (gunmetal)

In today’s mobility shift, wheels are a category of their own, especially in terms of weight optimization. As an indispensable safety component for power transmission having no spare parts, it is necessary to satisfy the needs of car owners. With the new LimeRock, DOTZ has therefore developed a rim especially for the small car segment. With an exclusive 4-hole fitment, DOTZ offers a weight-reduced light alloy wheel in a cross-spoke design. A sturdy centre area is in perfect proportion to the spokes abd the flange. 

The DOTZ LimeRock comes with ECE approvals for a wide range of car models such as Fiat 500, Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta & Fiesta ST, Renault Clio, Citroen C3 and DS3. All other fitments are mostly available with a VTA approval. 

Fiat 500 Abarth // DOTZ LimeRock dark
Fiat 500 Abarth // DOTZ LimeRock dark
Ford Fiesta ST
Ford Fiesta ST // DOTZ LimeRock grey

DOTZ shapes new mobility

A wheel with ECE approval technically corresponds to an original equipment (OE) rim new cars come with. This means that offsets (ET) and bolt or screw hole designs are identical to the OE wheel, with the only difference being the design. Technically, a so-called ECE wheel is therefore 100 percent identical to the original and can be used in Europe and even beyond without worries. On top of that, weight optimisation helps to reduce the rotating masses which in turn benefits performance.

DOTZ LimeRock grey // Ford Fiesta ST
DOTZ LimeRock grey // Ford Fiesta ST
DOTZ LimeRock dark // Fiat 500 Abarth
DOTZ LimeRock dark // Fiat 500 Abarth

For the new wheel DOTZ LimeRock, which is technically 100% identical to the original, you can choose from the colour variations gunmetal and gunmetal front-polished in the dimensions 6.5×16″ and 7.0×17″.

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