New VW Touareg with AEZ Strike

VW knocks it out of the park – with the new Touareg. Only one rim can keep pace – the AEZ Strike.

Bigger, wider, more powerful

With its SUV range VW is well-positioned, but the premium piece is and remains the Touareg. Since this price segment likes to lay it on thick, the new one is also wider and longer than its predecessor. This makes itself felt in the car boot which can now hold up to 1800 l when folding the backseats. The only thing the VW has lost is weight, having reduced by nearly 106 kg.


AEZ sStrike AEZ Strike

Light and agile

Thanks to special air suspension, level control and all-wheel steering, the new Touareg is as agile as a compact car. The turning circle is 11.20 m. The modular longitudinal toolkit is another advantage, resulting in enhanced driving comfort. It hardly swerves on rough country roads and even in the city. Thus, sewer covers or tram tracks are not worth mentioning.

A valuable interior

The Touareg is a true VW luxury car. This becomes obvious from the moment you enter the car. Because wood applications, chrome and aluminium details create a dignified atmosphere. With the exception of the tried and tested volume controls, the “buttons” have disappeared from the dashboard to make space for the brand-new infotainment system “Innovision Cockpit”. Via touchscreen you can control not only air conditioning, seat heater, ventilation and massage, but the head-up display also projects all important information directly on the windscreen such as, for example, Information that the wide range of safety assistance Systems provides.


AEZ Strike

Under the bonnet

The entry model is a V6 turbo diesel with 231 hp all-wheel and 8-gear automatic gearbox. A 3-l TDI with 286 hp and the V8 diesel with four litres engine displacement and 421 hp follow. A 3-l petrol-driven model with 340 hp is also available. As VW minds the environment the Touareg is also coming as a plug-in hybrid with 367 hp.
One thing’s for sure: Irrespective of the motorisation below the bonnet, the SUV is a confident travel companion that can easily go off-road, but is more likely to be found in the city jungle. After all, who really wants to ruin the paint in this price segment. If the Touareg needs to serve as a pack animal – it can take up to 3.5 tons of towing capacity.

Only one can keep pace

The VW Touareg promises strength and power. This requires a massive wheel. The AEZ Strike 9×20 is the perfect rim of choice. It is, of course, not for nothing that this one is called “Strike”. The rim is suitable for high loads and therefore the ideal sparring partner for heavy-weight premium SUVs. With ten narrow spokes pairs that run all the way into the rim flange they provide the bold look for a powerful appearance. The unique SR3 paint allows for a stylish companion for many years.
Two sure shots go on tour with a lot of style, each being a class of its own – AEZ Strike and VW Touareg.


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