KW thread springs for Jaguar F-Pace

The segment of SUVs is growing worldwide and now the traditional British brand, Jaguar, offers their take on a “Sport Utility Vehicle,” the F-Pace. As one of the few suspension manufacturers, KW also offers suspension springs that are individually adjustable in lowering. Unlike regular lowering springs, the KW coilover springs enable precise height adjustability. Adjusting the level is similar to a coilover kit. When installing the springs, the series components are replaced by dust protection elements, bump stops and the KW springs with threaded sleeves.The conversion can be carried out in every specialist workshop and even in a tire shop. The variable lowering has the great advantage that when changing the wheel / tire combination, the lowering can be adapted to the new rims in just a few steps. With the KW coilover springs that are individually adjustable in height, the F-Pace can now be continuously lowered from 15 – 30 mm in combination with the series dampers. In combination with the adaptive series dampers in the F-Pace, a harmonious and direct driving behavior is realized by the KW coilover springs. Even at extreme driving maneuvers and sudden load changes, the springs increase the agility of the Jaguar SUV with up to 380 hp, without compromising driving comfort. The springs are now available in our onlineshop.


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