KW Coilover kit for Jaguar F-Type Variant 3 inox line

Jaguar fans wanting to further increase the driving dynamics of their F-Type, up to 550 hp strong, will find the KW Variant 3 coilovers the ideal performance suspension for everyday life. It is possible to adapt the driving dynamics of the Jaguar F-Type according to your personal preferences.


For example, to modify the handling when changing wheel & tire dimensions, the rebound can be adjusted with 16 exact clicks. For the compression damping, the purple click wheel is integrated in the stainless steel strut or the rear axle damper housing. By changing the compression damping, a noticeable influence can be made to the body roll and the steering behavior is improved without changing the rebound damping which perfectly matches the spring rate. In addition, the KW coilover kit allows continuously adjustable lowering on the front axle of the Jaguar between 0 – 30 mm and 5 – 35 mm at the rear axle.


Affordable alternative: height-adjustable KW spring kit

Compared to conventional springs, the height-adjustable KW spring kit allow a continuous adjustable lowering, like a coilover kit, which is not possible with regular lowering springs. So it is easy with the KW height-adjustable spring kit to set an individual lowering when installing.




“During the installation of 30mm lowering springs on the front axle of the F-Type we found that afterwards there was no more suspension travel available, and the suspension only absorbed via the bump stops. The driving behavior was accordingly uncomfortable and during critical driving maneuvers it could prove to be dangerous,” said KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. For this reason, the height-adjustable coilover springs for all Jaguar F-Type models allow a continuously adjustable lowering of 5 – 25 mm on the front axle and 10 – 30 mm on the rear axle. So even with this lowering, there is enough free spring travel available to drive the F-Type sporty and have a comfortable driving experience.