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Kerscher Wheels Onlineshop: Big discounts and savings on Kerscher Carmona and Kerscher FX Wheels. As one of the few tuning companies, Kerscher has been successfully on the market for over 35 years. The focus of the German company was on the development of its own wheel programme from the very beginning. Meanwhile, the one-piece Kerscher Carmona wheels have developed into real classics for 7.5 and 9×16 conversions as well as the Kerscher FX wheels for the 18-inch conversions to Porsche vehicles.


Kerscher Carmona

Kerscher Carmona Wheels

The Kerscher Carmona wheel is considered to be the classic par excellence for all 7.5 and 9×16 conversions. The silver-lacquered rims shine with an extremely deep polished bed and can be mounted on 4-or 5-hole vehicles with the respective mounting material. TÜV parts reports are available for various models of Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche and VW. At TUNERSHOP you get all Carmona wheels incl. vehicle-specific Kerscher uni fit mounting hardware.


Kerscher FX

Kerscher FX Wheels

Genuine Porsche OEM Wheels which come stock are not always what Porsche drivers want and so we can offer you these Fuchs design inspired Kerscher FX wheels in sizes that fit your Porsche perfectly. All Kerscher FX monoblock wheels come with a matt black center and a matt coated polished outer lip. Available in 18×8.5 et48 and 18×10 et45. Kerscher FX wheels were manufactured for Porsche cars so that the stock center caps and stock wheel bolts will fit and the wheels doesn’t require any adapters or hubcentric rings.