H&R Suspension For Chevrolet Camaro

H&R performance plus for the Camaro Coupé

H&R Suspension For Chevrolet Camaro

In best tradition, also the latest version of the legendary pony car makes a brawny appearance on the road. Under the hood: a worthy 6.2-litre V8 that produces 453 hp and a top speed of 290 km/h. Power that wants to be controlled. Hence, after the Camaro Convertible, the H&R professionals got to work on the standard suspension of the closed body version and developed high-tech sport springs.

They are perfectly tailored to be combined with the standard shock absorbers of the adaptive suspension and lower the sports car by approximately 30 millimetres. Thus, the standard 20-inch light-alloy wheels get close to the wheel house edges – a clear statement of sheer sportiness. However, the lowering of the centre of gravity and the springs’ special characteristics also have a noticeable effect on the driving performance, which should make Camaro fans smile permanently: the reduced tendency to toll and the extremely precise steering response give the US athlete a H&R-typical plus in lateral dynamics for maximum driving pleasure – especially when taking curves a little faster. The sport springs are available now including certificate.

And it gets even more individual – with H&R “Trak+” wheel spacers. These will be available for the Camaro Coupé and the Convertible shortly and make sure that the wheels get as close as possible to the wheel house edges.

H&R products for the Chevrolet Camaro

Sample vehicle Coupé V8 (333 kW/453 hp),

vehicle type: A1XC, built in or after 2016

(only for vehicles with adaptive suspension)


Camaro Convertible: 28729-1

Camaro Coupé: 28729-2

Lowering: 30 mm







H&R Suspension For Chevrolet Camaro H&R Suspension For Chevrolet Camaro

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