H&R spring kit for the Jeep Compass 4WD

The Jeep Compass 4WD may not differ much from the pseudo SUVs of German manufacturers. But if you go off-road instead of to the kindergarten, the Compass hits the nail on the head. If the others have been stuck in the mud for a long time, the Compass still goes ahead. But some people are less interested in excursions through the woods and meadows. Therefore the recently launched H&R sport spring set for the Jeep Compass is the perfect choice.


Jeep Compass 4WD

The lowering by approx. 40 mm millimetres ensures a harmonious position of the wheels in their housings. Furthermore it makes the proportions of the SUV appear more sturdy. In addition to an easy getting into the vehicle, the vehicle’s lower centre of gravity reduces the body’s lateral tilt in fast corners. Driving behaviour is also significantly more agile without noticeably reducing comfort.


H&R Sport Springs

About H&R

The secret to such success? To put it simply, the technology H&R employs to develop cutting-edge suspension systems for competition use is the very same used to develop innovative suspension components for street-driven cars.
In addition, H&R maintains extensive involvement in several touring car, GT and Monoposto racing series. Not to mention the Formula 1- where each circuit may have its own demanding characteristics. In the harsh environs of competition, H&R is able to test new materials and innovate production technologies. All of which can help racing teams adapt to changing road conditions accurately and efficiently.


Every sport-oriented motorist can experience the result of these efforts! Suspension components “Made by H & R” enjoy appreciation from all over the world.

Car manufacturers such as Porsche, AMG Mercedes, Volkswagen, MINI and BMW also rely on the know-how and flexibility of H & R for various special models. But not only sporty drivers, who had suspension components like sports springs for the Jeep Compass installed to optimize their vehicles, appreciate the qualities of the H & R products.

Simply put, H&R is more than just a suspension manufacturer — it is a company whose core philosophies are innovation, quality and performance.