H&R Sport Springs For Jaguar F-Pace

Big cat with more bite: H&R sport springs for Jaguar F-Pace

Just as its brothers and sisters, Jaguar’s first SUV is dynamic: the top diesel engine in the F-Pace produces dazzling 300 hp and jumps to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds. This already says much about the sportiness – but not enough was done as the H&R experts found out. This has changed now. And there is much more possible with tailor-made H&R sport springs.

They lower the Jaguar by 30 millimetres at the front and back. Thus, the F-Pace does not drive up with the SUV-typical “long legs” that the standard model seems to have due to the free space between wheels and wheel houses. Optically, the lowering of the centre of gravity gives the big cat more “teeth”. And has a noticeable impact on the driving dynamics. The optimised steering response enthuses fans of sporty driving manoeuvres just as the minimised body roll when driving fast through curves.

Who is in for some lowering, should also be in for some widening: thanks to H&R Trak+ wheel spacers, which will be available shortly for differing widths, original and retrofit wheels can be perfectly aligned with the wheel house edges to achieve a classy racy look.

H&R components of the Jaguar F-Pace

Example model: 30d AWD (221 kW/300 hp)

Sport springs, part number:

(4WD, without adaptive suspension)

28730-1 – models up to 1170kg axle load front

28730-2 – models more than axle load front

Lowering front/rear axle: approx. 30 mm





H&R sport springs for Jaguar F-Pace H&R sport springs for Jaguar F-Pace

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