H&R Lowering springs and wheel spacers for bmw x4 f26

Now available at tunershop: Big deals and great offers on H&R Lowering springs and H&R wheel spacers for all BMW X4. Compared to the X3, the X4’s design with the outstanding coupé rear and default lowering is very athletic. That it still hides some power reserves H&R proves with a set of sport springs, which were also attuned to the most powerful version, the X4 M40i. No easy matter, as it lies in wait with 360 hp that accelerate the 2.5-ton Bavarian from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds.


These are exactly the requirements for which the BMW Motorsport supplier H&R developed the sport springs. They lower the X4 M40i even more: by 30 millimetres in the front, by 25 millimetres in the back, consistently accomplishing the sporty look from top to bottom. The Bavarian powerful athlete becomes even more potent and perfectly embeds the 19-inch wheels in the wheel houses. This lowers the SUV’s typical high body position, which is also noticed when driving through curves quickly – for more stability and driving pleasure. In addition, H&R is currently preparing “Trak+” wheel spacers to individually position standard or replacement wheels along the wheel arch contours. The pictures show the sample vehicle BMW X4 M40i with 265 kW/360 hp

Sport springs, part number:
28926-1 (Type F26)
Lowering front/rear axle: approx. 30/25 mm

TRAK+ Wheel Spacers
6–40 mm per axle

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