H&R coilover for Ford Focus RS

H&R coilover for Ford Focus RS

Those opting for a Ford Focus RS want to feel performance: the 350-hp four-wheeler not only offers great fun in everyday life, but is also prepared for occasional excursions to the race track. Especially when the racy Ford is out on the road with a made-to-measure coil over from H&R.

The powerful suspension update with high-performance shock absorbers and especially attuned sport springs were jointly developed by the H&R engineers and the Ford experts at Wolf Racing. The vehicle’s centre of gravity is individually lowered by particularly sportive 25 to 45 millimetres on the front axle and by 35 to 60 millimetres on the rear axle. The 20-inch wheels dive deeply into the wheel houses, excellently expressing the racy demand of the RS. Thus, the athletic Ford with its motorsports genes is ready for maximum driving pleasure. The tight suspension setup confidently compensates road bumps and provides for a precise steering response – for the Focus RS to be conducted through curves in a controlled and safe manner, even when driving swiftly.

Tip: H&R also offers sport springs that perfectly harmonise with the standard shock absorbers of the Focus RS. The characteristic adjustment of the springs and a subtle lowering by 20 millimetres produce some extra dynamics and the individual athletic look. Both the sport springs and the coil over are available now with certificate. The H&R programme for the Focus RS is completed by “Trak+” wheel spacers and shortly also by sports anti-roll bars.

H&R products for the Ford Focus

Sample vehicle Focus RS, Type DYB-RS, built in or after 2016



Part number: 28747-1

Lowering: by 20 mm






Part number: 28746-1

Lowering: front axle approx. 25-45 mm /

rear axle 35-60 mm





TRAK+ Wheel Spacers: 18–30 mm





H&R coilover for Ford Focus RS H&R coilover for Ford Focus RS

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