Ford Mustang Wheels 22 Inch Schmidt CC Line

Now Schmidt Revolution offers the CC Line wheel in 22″ for Ford Mustang! Browse through our Shop and find the right wheels for your ride.

schmidt-cc-line-ford-mustang-gt-03In the past years, apart from numerous trends in tuning, e.g. the „staggered wheels“, Schmidt launched unique technical achievements in rim manufacture such as the three-piece rim construction, the RADINOX® technology, and the DurChrome coating. These three product properties can be found on Schmidt Revolution rims only.

When individual construction and production of light-alloy rims are at stake, Schmidt Revolution is the first choice on a worldwide scale. All customers, no matter whether they are tuners, car traders or specialised workshops, are always supplied by us with top quality products “Made in Germany”. Whatever your dream rim looks like, we are able to make your dreams come true.


schmidt_cc122_silber schmidt_cc122_satinblac


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