Eibach Pro Kit Springs and Spacers for Jaguar F-Type

Good news for fans of British sports cars: Eibach Pro Kit Springs and Spacers for Jaguar F-Type now available!
Breathtaking performance, direct respsone and agile handling qualities – these are
characteristics of the racy Brit, honouring the heritage of the legendary Jaguar E-Type from 1974. The
car that starred as an action hero in the James Bond movie „Spectre“ stands in the company‘s tradition
of elegant, sporty gentleman racers and is not restricted to a maximum performance of 250 kph – unlike
the Jaguar saloon cars. The Eibach Pro-Kit Performance suspension springs underline the car‘s exceptional
performance. In combination with the series damping system, the F-Type achieves a lower suspension
setting of 15 mm in the front and 25mm at the rear axle. The improved handling and subtly sportier optics
are in in line with British understatement.
Its excellent ride qualities are further enhanced by Eibach Pro-Spacers made of high tenacity aluminium,
which means less weight than wheel spacers made of steel. The perfect shape results in a well calibrated
wheel balance and gives the Jaguar F-Type an even more assertive appearance on the road.

Eibach Pro Kit Springs:


Eibach Wheel Spacers: