Eibach Newcomer: Pro-Street-Multi coilover

Two global companies in the motorsport industry combine their experience and know-how to develop a new, unique product. Sounds good? It definitely is! We are talking about the new Eibach coilover suspension, called “Pro-Street-Multi“. What’s special about it: The coilover was developed in a cooperation of the Eibach spring specialists and the motorsports component manufacturer ZF Race Engineering.

Eibach – Born in Motorsports

The key in any suspension system is the spring, which has the task to compensate for bumps. In addition, its design must be precisely suitable for your particular application. Therefore it is crucial that the spring behaves as intended even under countless load cycles and under various temperature conditions.

To ensure these properties, the manufacturer must know the raw materials and master their processing perfectly. A task that hardly suits any other company as well as Eibach with its extensive experience in the manufacture of springs for industrial applications, for the original equipment of automobiles in the high-performance segment, for the tuning sector as well as for all kinds of motorsport disciplines.


Eibach Certified Partner

ZF Race Engineering – On the Pole Position Worldwide

But even the best spring is of no use if no suitable shock absorber controls it. ZF Race Engineering GmbH is responsible for this part of the Pro-Street-Multi.

ZF Race Engineering is a subsidiary of ZF Friedrichshafen AG with locations in Schweinfurt and Solihull, UK. 250 employees develop, produce and sell shock absorbers, clutches, transmissions and other ZF products for a wide range of applications in the field of worldwide motorsport there.

ZF’s product line Sachs Performance targets sporty riders and includes power-enhanced clutches and coilovers. The brand is conceived and designed for tuning vehicles as well as for use in ambitious amateur motor sport.

Sachs Performance

Special features

The shock absorbers for the Pro-Street-Multi suspension are a manufacture by ZF Race Engineering as part of the Sachs Performance brand. The manufacturing process corresponds to a one-piece-flow process.

The workpiece does not move from one employee to another on the production line, but each technician assembles “his” shock absorber in several steps, from the blank to the finished product ready for dispatch. This special manufacturing process ensures a high quality, on the other hand, changes to the product can be implemented without delay, which produces high stability.

Currently, the Pro-Street Multi Series range includes 33 different coilovers covering approximately 2700 applications. Depending on the vehicle type, the possible lowering is approximately in the range of 20-50mm.



A trapezoidal thread guarantees the permanent preservation of height adjustability and the damping performance is also adjustable: the rebound and compression are variable when installed – without lifting the vehicle.

As a special highlight, the design of the shock absorbers is upside-down. On the one hand, this construction principle ensures that the strut can absorb extreme lateral forces. On the other hand, a reduction in the unsprung mass ensures extremely precise response. The rear axle is usually provided with an aluminum height adjustment. All Pro-Street-Multi coilovers contain a single-tube construction and the delivery comes with a parts certificate for easy entry.

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