Eibach Lift Kit for Jeep Renegade

Buy your Lift Kit for SUV and 4×4 here! Jeep has won many awards with the compact Renegade. Eibach suspension experts offer a high of a different kind with the new Pro-Lift-Kit. The innovative lift springs are intended for Jeep drivers who appreciate a high seating position as well as the purposeful off-road look. The 30 mm higher ground clearance increases the off-road capability, though the setup is primarily designed for a life on the road.

Eibach has incorporated its many years of experience into the manufacture of sporting suspension components such as the Pro-Kit. The Pro-Kit sport springs are also available for the compact Jeep. With the Pro-Kit Eibach serves those Renegade owners who see an SUV as an attractive and exciting alternative to a standard car – after all the vehicle is available as an economical front-wheel drive as well as a 4×4. By lowering the centre of gravity 35 millimetres at the front and 25 at the rear the Jeep gains additional momentum in looks as well as in handling.

Whether in conjunction with the Pro-Kit, the Pro-Lift-Kit or the series suspension: The Eibach Pro-Spacer is an attractive extra for all Renegade drivers. The aluminium wheel spacers give the Renegade, which is equipped as standard with a rather lower proportioned track, visibly more presence and confidence.


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