DOTZ wheel Kendo

The DOTZ wheel Kendo is a design classic that fits almost all common compact and mid-range car models. DOTZ based the name on a Japanese martial arts that has its roots in sword fighting.

DOTZ Kendo Audi

The connection to martial arts can also be found in the design of the Kendo wheel.

The angular and aggressive double spokes unfold an impressive dynamic in the rotation. Kendo gives the impression that the extremely edged design of the wheel turns into whirling blades rotating around the strongly polished centre part.

This dynamic is also enhanced by the compactness of the hub area. This in turn underlines the filigree effect of the wheel and ensures a low weight.

The wheel also has an individual character thanks to the jagged connecting angles of the struts arranged in pairs.

DOTZ Kendo black polished
DOTZ Kendo black polished
DOTZ Kendo matt black
DOTZ Kendo matt black

The wheel is available in 4-hole and 5-hole fitments in the range of 16 to 19 inches with a wide range of offsets and VTA approval for many models. Without a doubt, the Kendo is the most diverse DOTZ wheel, an allrounder.

100% winter-proof

Thanks to the innovative SRC-paint all polished wheels from the ALCAR Group (DOTZ, AEZ and DEZENT) are protected against salt, intense sun and small scratches. Thereby the wheel still looks great even after many years. SRC means “Salt & Sun Resistant” while the letter C refers to the sealing layer (coating) – primer layer, paint layer, top layer or sealing layer. The ultra-hard 3-layer finish ensures perfect protection, especially for the cold season.

Dotz Kendo Audi

But the Japanese Kendo is also about a sturdy character and moral strength. That is why the DOTZ wheel of the same name has a general operating permit for a lot of vehicles and is fit for installation of sensors for tire pressure control systems (TPMS).

And just as legendary as Japanese sword steel are the skills of DOTZ’s metallurgists who manufacture the Kendo wheel in Neuenrade, Germany in one of Europe’s leading wheel factories according to highest and certified quality standards.

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