Dotz CP5 wheels black polished

From now on we’ve got Dotz CP5 wheels black polished in different sizes available in our online shop.

The asymmetry of Dotz CP5 wheels five-spoke design creates a dynamic which is further enhanced by the parallel-running spokes edges. The slightly offset spokes borders, in turn, form differently reflecting edges, creating various effects depending on how the light falls on them. For those looking for that extra shine the rim is available in black/front-polished.
A design classic with a certain asymmetry. With the CP5, DOTZ delivers a clear reinterpretation of the classic 5-spokes wheel. The rim in graphite matte appears bigger, not only due to the connection of the spokes to the rim flange, but also because the highly technically designed centre with the 5-hole attachment, the so-called smart centre, adds to the wheel’s depth and makes it look more powerful. Speaking of powerful, DOTZ retrieves “maximum performance” from the concave construction, making another design mark within the existing trend.

Dotz CP5 wheels

Facts and Figures: DOTZ CP5 wheels graphite matte or black front-polished

Dimensions: 7.0×16“, 7.0×17“, 8.0×17“, 8.5×18“, 8.5×19“9.5×19“, 8.5×20“, 9.5×20“
Finish: graphite matte, black front-polished
Construction: cast, one-piece, 5-hole attachment
Load: up to 730 kg
VTA: available for a wide range of car models

The lifestyle. The brand. When Dotz has a hand in it, think speed, style, expertise and tuning. The company’s background is rooted in a passion for cars and high quality manufactured rims. Dotz’s outstanding product line is topped off with a fast delivery service and Europe-wide distribution.

Dotz fans can choose from a wide selection of stylish rims that are not only designed for speed, but have also been put to the acid test with regard to their roadworthiness. The German Technical Inspection Authority, TÜV, inspects all wheels produced at the Neuenrade site for driving properties and stability.


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