Cupra Formentor H&R equipped

Thanks to H&R lowering springs and sway bars, the Cupra Formentor has significantly more dynamism and a sportier look. The sport springs (28696-1) allow a lowering of up to 35 mm on the front axle and 30 mm on the rear axle. The stabilizer is available for the front axle with a diameter of 27 mm (33784-4) or as a set for the front and rear axle with a diameter of 27 and 25 mm (33784-5).

Cupra Formentor H&R equipped

H&R Sway Bar

Made of high-strength spring steel, most H&R sway bars can be adjusted on both the front and rear axle. Precision forged end ensure an optimal connection between the coupling rod and the stabilizer. Rubber bearings with Teflon inserts reduce friction and wear, are maintenance-free and noiseless. All sway bars can be combined with all OE or sports suspensions. 

The advantage of the sway bars is clearly the reduced tendency of the vehicle to roll. The sway bars reduce the understeer or oversteer and, at the same time achieve a better handling through less tendency to roll. 

Sway Bar Cupra Formentor
H&R lowering springs Cupra Formentor

Lowering springs

H&R sport springs are the ideal solution if you want to optimize the handling of your vehicle and achieve a sporty look while maintaining the standard driving comfort. 

The sport springs lower the Cupra Formentor by up to 30 mm without minimizing driving comfort. The improved driving dynamics ensure more direct steering, while the lowered center of gravity reduces the body’s rolling movements. In addition, the lowering also influences handling positively.

All H&R springs are made of high-strength spring steel to ensure first-class quality and performance. The springs are designed so that they can be easily combined with standard or retrofit dampers and offer a sporty look. A powder coating also improves the corrosion resistance and at the same time ensures a high-quality appearance of the spring.

H&R manufactures all products in-house in Germany and supplies all sport springs with ABE or parts certificate.



The secret to such success? To put it simply, the technology H & R employs to develop cutting-edge suspension systems for competition use is the very same used to develop innovative suspension components for street-driven cars.

In addition, H & R maintains extensive involvement in several touring car, GT and Monoposto racing series. Not to mention the Formula 1- where each circuit may have its own demanding characteristics.

In the harsh environs of competition, H & R is able to test new materials and innovate production technologies. All of which can help racing teams adapt to changing road conditions accurately and efficiently.


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