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Buy your Borbet Wheels here at lowest prices! Try our Borbet Wheel configuartor and find your wheels for Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Daewoo/Chevrolet, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Kia, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Maserati, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, VW


Borbet Wheels BS4 and BS5


borbet_bs4_brilliant_silver borbet_bs5_black_polished
The BS4 and BS5 wheel designs leave nothing to be desired. The straight and almost filigree lines of the double-spokes provide the BS4 and BS5 wheels with an extremely high quality look.


Borbet Wheels CC

borbet_cc_crystal_silverborbet_cc_black_polished_mattThe CC-wheel design is a real multi-talent: the 5-spoke wheel provides numerous vehicles with a powerful and individual touch due to its dynamically clear lines.





Borbet Wheels CW1

borbet_cw1_hyper_silver borbet_cw1_black_polishedIn the CW1 wheel design the filigree drawn double spokes form a concave curve towards the centre of the wheel. The lines and proportions of the wheel adopt a dynamic appearance without being overpowering and give the wheel a high quality look. The CW1 wheel is available with 4 or 5 holes and the colours “black polished” and “hyper silver”.


Borbet Wheels CW2

borbet_cw2_hyper_rim_polishedborbet_cw2_black_rim_polished borbet_cw2_black_red_line








The bolted look is characteristic for the design of the CW2 wheel. The drilled holes along the outer wheel rim make a distinctive and high quality impression. The double-spokes wheel from the “Sports” category is available as a 4-hole or a 5-hole version. The CW2 wheel is available in the colours “black rim polished”, “black red line” and “hyper rim polished”.


Borbet Wheels CW3

borbet_cw3_sterling_silver borbet_cw3_black_glossyDue to its slightly curved double spokes, the CW3 wheel has an especially high quality and elegant appearance. The fine lines extend to the center of the wheel and lend the CW3 wheel an unmistakable air of elegance to contrast its stately appearance.
The CW3 is available as a 5-hole and a 6-hole wheel and in the colors “sterling silver” and “black glossy”.


Borbet Wheels CW4

borbet_cw4_sterling_silver borbet_cw4_black_polished_matt borbet_cw4_black_orange_glossy








The CW4 design is characterised by its powerful presence. The alloy wheel captivates with a large selection of sizes and colours. It is hereby manufactured using the laser-supported ExaPeel procedure that has been patented by BORBET and guarantees absolute colour fastness with the known BORBET quality. The CW4 wheel design is available in the classic colours “sterling silver” and “black polished matt” together with the ExaPeel paint coats “black green glossy” ,”black orange glossy” and “gold matt”.



Borbet Wheels LV4



The LV4 Design provides this alloy wheel with a very special look. The eight spokes on the LV4 wheel are connected to the rim flange, providing it with a high quality and elegant look. The LV4 wheel is available with 4 holes and in the colour “black glossy”.




Borbet Wheels LV5

The LV5 wheel is an elegant, dynamic 10-spoke wheel. The sweeping lines of the spokes and the staggered connections to the wheel rim create a high quality, elegant appearance.
The LV5 wheel is available as a 5-hole wheel in the color “black glossy”.




Borbet Wheels XA

The XA wheel is a classically manufactured cross spoke wheel. The design convinces right from the start due to the modern curve, the clear lines of the spokes and the high quality look. The XA design is available in the colour “mistral anthracite polished matt” and as a 4-hole or 5-hole version.




Borbet Wheels XB

The XB wheel is a real all-rounder. As an ECE wheel, it is available for most of the compact class vehicles from VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda and can be mounted easily and without the necessity to enter it in the vehicle documents. The line of the spokes is straight and specific. This means that this design is ideal when it comes to skilfully putting the appropriate vehicles in the limelight. The XB wheel is available in the classic “crystal colour” and “black polished”.




Europe-wide advantages in use of ECE-wheels:
-no TÜV acceptance necessary
-no costs for registration
-no need to carry the ABE in your vehicle
-use of serial fitment


Size 7,0×17, PCD 112/5, Offset 54
Seat Altea/Toledo (5P/5PN), Seat Leon (1P)
Scoda Octavia incl Kombi + RS (1Z)
VW Golf V + VI incl. Variant (1K + 1KM), Golf Plus (1KP)


Borbet Wheels XL

The XL wheel design provides this high quality alloy wheel with a sporting-dynamic look. The line of the five double spokes extends to the centre of the wheel in a star shape, thereby emphasising the powerful but elegant character of the XL wheel. The XL wheel design is exclusively available with 5 holes and in the colour “black polished”.




Borbet Wheels XRT

borbet_xrt_black_glossy borbet_xrt_brilliant_silver borbet_xrt_graphite_polished








The XRT wheel design has a design that is both elegant and powerful. The star-shaped lines of the spokes have a classic and dynamic look to them. With the “reflectic” colour version, a special process is used that combines both a gloss coating and a high gloss polishing to create an especially high quality look. In addition to the colour “reflectic”, the XRT wheel is also available in “brilliant silver”, “black glossy”, “graphite polished” and in the “racetrack red polished” Driftbrothers Edition.



Borbet Wheels BL4 und BL5

borbet_bl4_brilliant_silver borbet_bl4_black_red_glossy borbet_bl4_black_polished








borbet_bl5_brilliant_silver borbet_bl5_black_red_glossy borbet_bl5_black_polished




The BL4 and BL5- wheel designs captivate with their extremely dynamic design. The spokes extend deep into the centre of the wheel, making them appear larger than they really are. The BL4 wheel that is available as a 4-hole version and the BL5 wheel that is available with 5 holes come in the colours “black red glossy”, “brilliant silver” and “black polished”.


Borbet Wheels RS



The RS-Design qualifies itself as a modern classic due to its look. The noble-sporting form is characteristic for the wheel. The 10 spokes wheel is available with 4 holes or alternatively with 5. The RS wheel comes in the colours “brilliant silver” and “bronze matt”.




Borbet Wheels CA

borbet_ca_crystal_silverThe CA wheel design sets itself apart with simple elegance. The 7-spoke wheel has spokes that are slightly bent inward and which become wider at the outer rim flange. The low maintenance light alloy wheel can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and is ideally suitable for driving on wintry roads. The CA-wheel design is available with 4 or 5 holes and in the colour “crystal silver”.




Borbet Wheels F

borbet_f_brilliant_silverborbet_f_black_glossyThe F-wheel is characterised by a timeless design and has spokes that arch inwards and are curved and slightly concave. The classic Design F is available in 4-hole and 5-hole versions and in the colours “brilliant silver” and “black glossy”.




Borbet Wheels TB

borbet_tb_brilliant_silverborbet_tb_black_glossyThe TB wheel is an elegant 5-spokes wheel. The design and proportions exactly match the standard Mercedes-Benz models – so that this ECE wheel can be mounted on Mercedes-Benz vehicles without complications and the requirement to have it entered in the vehicle documents. The spokes follow a clear line, widen outwards, are dynamically connected to the wheel and thereby perfectly complement the appearance of the wheel. The TB wheel is available in the colours “brilliant silver” and “black glossy”.


Borbet Wheels TL

borbet_tl_brilliant_silverborbet_tl_black_glossyWith the TL wheel design BORBET has an alloy wheel in its product range that captivates with its dynamic look. The TL wheel is also designed for mounting without the necessity for an entry being made in the vehicle documents. This ECE wheel can therefore by mounted without any additional costs being incurred or a visit having to be paid to a TÜV motor vehicle testing centre. The TL wheel design is available in a 4-hole and a 5-hole version and in the colours “brilliant silver” and “black glossy”. 5 x 14: VW Polo 6R, 9N ; Seat Ibiza 6J, 6L; Skoda Roomster/Fabia 5J, Fabia 6Y, 6 x 15: VW Polo 6R, Seat Ibiza 6J, VW Polo 9N, Seat Ibiza 6L, Skoda Roomster/Fabia 5J, Fabia 6Y, 7 x 16: Audi A4 Typ B8, Audi A4 Kombi B8


Borbet Wheels XLB

borbet_xlb_crystal_silverborbet_xlb_black_glossyThe XLB is an athletic 5-double spokes wheel. The modern design and the winterproof surface make the XLB wheel a reliable companion. The XLB design is also available as an ABE wheel for the BMW 1 so that it does not have to be entered in the vehicle documents. The XLB wheel design comes with 5 holes and the colours “crystal silver” and “black glossy”.


Borbet Wheels XR

borbet_xr_crystal_silverborbet_xr_black_glossyThe tried and tested XR wheel design is a perfectly shaped double-spokes wheel. The XR is available as an ECE wheel that does not have to be entered in the vehicle documents. True to the motto “Plug & Play – mount, drive off, have fun!”, this alloy wheel is absolutely suitable for a large number of BMW vehicle types. The XR wheel is available in the colours “brilliant silver” and “black glossy”.


Borbet Wheels CH

borbet_ch_mistral_antthraciteborbet_ch_crystal_silverThe CH wheel design belongs to the “Commercial Wheels” category and is available with 5 or 6 holes. It was designed to withstand maximum loads and is therefore approved for a wheel load of up to 1320kg. The tapered spokes provide the CH-wheel with an elegant but nevertheless powerful appearance. The CH wheel is available in the colours “crystal silver”, “mistral anthracite polished” and “mistral anthracite glossy”.


Borbet Wheels CW

borbet_cw_crystal_silverBORBET presents a classic off-road wheel with the CW wheel design. The 6 uniformly rounded spokes harmonise optimally with the centre of the wheel that embellishes a perfectly fitted cover. Approved for a maximum wheel load of 950kg, the CW wheel design is available as a 5-hole version in the colours “crystal silver” and “black matt”.




Borbet Wheels CWB

borbet_cwb_crystal_silverborbet_cwb_black_mattThe CWB wheel design is characterised by a solid but nevertheless elegant look. Especially designed for off-roaders, people carriers and SUVs. The 5-spoke CWB wheel is available in both a 5-hole and a 6-hole design. The powerful alloy wheel is available in the colours “crystal silver” and “black matt”.


Borbet Wheels CWD

borbet_cwd_mistral_antthraciteborbet_cwd_crystal_silverThe CWD wheel design is available for light Fiat trucks is an ECE wheel that does not need to be entered in the vehicle documents. The straight design and the high quality of the workmanship make the classic 5-spokes wheel a reliable companion, even when subjected to heavy loads. In the 5-hole version, the CWD design is available in the colours “crystal silver” and “mistral anthracite polished”.
6,0 x 15: LK 118/5, NB 71,1
6,5 x 16: LK 118/5, NB 71,1, LK 130/5, NB 78,1


Borbet Wheels CWE

borbet_cwe_mistral_antthraciteborbet_cwe_crystal_silverThe CWE wheel design combines ease with a powerful appearance. This impression is created by the 7 narrow spokes and the clear structure. Approved for a wheel load of 1050kg, the CWE wheel is a powerful alloy metal wheel. The CWE is available as a 5-hole and a 6-hole version and in the colours “crystal silver” and “mistral anthracite polished”.


Since 1962, the heritage company from Germany’s Sauerland region has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of light alloy wheels. The reason for this: BORBET stands for perfect quality, innovative technologies and pioneering design – valuable work that has made us a sought-after partner for the automobile industry and speciality retail. At the same time, we still consider ourselves a family with unbounded passion for our craft, deep affinity to our roots that stretch back to 1881, and the lofty objective of always giving our best for you, our customers.