Order your BORBET wheels now in our onlineshop. Great savings and big discounts for Borbet wheels. Borbet stands for perfect quality, innovative technologies and pioneering design – valuable work that has made us a sought-after partner for the automobile industry and speciality retail. Because Borbet has been a successful OEM for over 30 vehicle manufacturers, Borbet quality can be found in more wheels than one might initially think. The many years of trust from the international automotive industry is the best evidence of the quality of their products. Close collaboration even during development is a major indicator of the reliability, flexibility and innovation of their work.


The iconic 5-spoke form of the old classical remains and is put into the limelight through a reduced and stringent alignment. The wheel deepens through a linear star form right to the center ending in a new designed pentagonal cap – a novelty in the BORBET portfolio. 

Sizes: 17″, 18″, 19″, 

Borbet A (classic)
Borbet A black matt
Borbet A brilliant silver
Borbet A black red glossy


With the BLX wheel, BORBET proves its decades of experience for an optimal driving feeling. The tapered spokes guarantee a distinctive optic and the wheel design appears clear and elegant.

Sizes: 18″, 19″, 20″

Borbet BLX brilliant silver
Borbet BLX black polished matt


The BY-wheel combines the designs BORBET B and Y. The delicate spokes are designed in such a way that their arrangement leads to a charming network of alignment and interesting light refractions. Through this the automobile will be put into the limelight in a noble and individual way.

Sizes: 20″, 21″, 23″, 

Borbet BY sterling silver
Borbet BY titan polished matt
Borbet BY gold matt


World record proved and considered outstanding: resilient, robust and weatherproof. The C2C was especially constructed for the world record challenge ”Cape to Cape” and accompanied and supported Rainer Zietlow in all situations during his journey.

Sizes: 17″, 18″

Borbet C2C brilliant silver
Borbet C2C black glossy


The CW3 wheel appears high-grade and noble through its outer curved double spokes. The filigree alignment proceeds to the wheel center and gives the CW3 wheel apart from stately presence a distinctive noble lightness.

Sizes: 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″

Borbet CW3 sterling silver
Borbet CW3 mistral anthracite glossy


The CWD wheel is available as an ECE wheel, free of registration for Fiat light trucks. The linear design and the high quality manufacture help the classic 5-spoke wheel to a reliable companion even with high loads.

Sizes: 16″, 17″

Borbet CWD crystal silver
Borbet CWD black glossy
Borbet CWD mistral anthracite glossy polished


The BORBET DB8/GT is exclusively designed for the use in the international drift sport. The reduced designed alloy wheel gains through its polished deep lip. BORBET uses the FlowForming and Undercut technologies to reduce the weight of this DB8/GT design.

Sizes: 18″

Borbet DB8/GT graphite rim polished


Five double spokes proceed in a Y-form from the covered wheel centre to the rim flange, resulting that the DY wheel design becomes profile and elegance. Furthermore, the ornamental proportions of the spokes underline the extensive arrangement of the wheel.

Sizes: 18″, 19″, 20″

Borbet DY brilliant silver
Borbet DY brilliant silver
Borbet DY dark grey polished matt
Borbet DY dark grey polished matt


The accurately balanced design of the F2 wheel combines the classic form with dynamic details. Through this, the design appears calm, confident and fresh at the same time. The 5-spoke wheel is an ideal companion for numerous automobiles.

Sizes: 14″, 16″, 17″, 18″

Borbet F2
Borbet F2 brilliant silver
Borbet F2
Borbet F2 graphite polished


FF1 – the first forged wheel from BORBET attracts attention through its sporty modern design and is very light weighted and robust. The 19-inch wheel is a real featherweight with its 8.6 kg.

Sizes: 18″

Borbet FF1 dark titan polished
Borbet FF1 deep black matt


With the new GTX, BORBET is offering a wheel that not only has a dynamic appearance and an uncompromising reliability, but also ensures sporting driving fun. Functionally the reduced non-suspended weight convinces primarily, which plays a role for the chassis and therefore for the maneuverability and agility on the road.

Sizes: 19″, 20″

Borbet GTX titan glossy
Borbet GTX titan glossy
Borbet GTX black rim polished matt
Borbet GTX black rim polished matt
Borbet GTX gold matt
Borbet GTX gold matt


The timeless designed multi spoke wheel gains through its dynamic and sporty note. It harmonizes with several automobiles and makes them to real eye-catchers.

Sizes: 17″, 18″


Borbet LS2 brilliant silver
Borbet LS2 brilliant silver
Borbet LS2 black matt
Borbet LS2 black matt


The LV4 design helps the light alloy wheel to a very special charm: eight staggered spokes attached to the wheel hub help to a high quality and elegant optic.

Sizes: 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″

Borbet LV4 crystal silver
Borbet LV4 crystal silver
Borbet LV4 black glossy
Borbet LV4 black glossy


The wheel design is unique: Due to the high glossy polished wheel rim and the glossy machined spokes various colour versions are possible.

Sizes: 19″

Borbet LX black matt spoke rim polished
Borbet LX copper matt spoke rim polished
Borbet LX black matt spoke rim blue polished
Borbet LX graphite spoke rim polished


The BORBET S enthusiasts through a powerful optic – a symbiosis of modernity and vitality. The innovative Undercut procedure comes into practice here. The result: reduced material input and therefore a significant reduced weight at an unchanged high robustness and stability.

Sizes: 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″

Borbet S brilliant silver
Borbet S graphite polished matt
Borbet S silver black glossy


Design and proportions of the BORBET TB are custom-fit for popular Mercedes-Benz models. The spokes follow a clear alignment, getting wider towards the outer rim and end dynamically here.

Sizes: 16″, 17″

Borbet TB brilliant silver
Borbet TB black glossy


With the TL design, BORBET has a light alloy wheel in its program, which gains through its dynamic optic. Furthermore, the TL wheel has been especially constructed for a registration free fitting. Thus, the ECE wheel can be driven without causing extra costs and registration.

Sizes: 15″, 16″, 17″

Borbet TL brilliant silver
Borbet TL black glossy


The BORBET V combines a dynamic appearance with a classic noble alignment. The 10 spokes lead straightly from the outer rim to the wheel center with a slight displaced ending at the wheel hub.

Sizes: 16″, 17″, 18″

Borbet V crystal silver
Borbet V mistral anthracite glossy


The BORBET VT wheel wins through the 10 spokes optic. This makes the VT wheel a real eye-catcher – thanks to the surfaces crystal silver and mistral anthracite glossy even in snow and ice.

Sizes: 17″

Borbet VT crystal silver
Borbet VT mistral anthracite glossy


The VTX wheel characterizes through its noble and spirited rotor design. The spokes glide dynamically to the outer rim but staggered from the wheel center.

Sizes: 18″, 19″

Borbet VTX brilliant silver
Borbet VTX brilliant silver
Borbet VTX graphite polished
Borbet VTX graphite polished
Borbet VTX black glossy
Borbet VTX black glossy


The BORBET W design gains through a striking and well-balanced form, which helps every car to an eye catcher. Thanks to ist surface quality and the weight-saving construction, this light alloy wheel is suitable for winter driving.

Sizes: 15″, 16″, 17″

Borbet W crystal silver
Borbet W crsytal silver
Borbet W mistral anthracite glossy
Borbet W mistral anthracite glossy