Borbet BLX for the new Tesla Model 3

No vehicle was last expected with as much tension as the Tesla Model 3. And the unique electric compact sedan already causes a sensation, also in terms of wheels.

With the BORBET BLX in the color options “brilliant silver” and “black polished matt”, you can optimally emphasize the electrifying catapult starter in the all-wheel variant “long range dual motor” with 153 kW. The BLX wheel design looks particularly clear and elegant and the arrow-like tapered spokes provide an completely exciting look.


Borbet BLX Tesla Model 3 Borbet BLX

The BLX wheel in the “Premium” category is now available in 8.5 x 19 inches with a offset of 40.

In addition, Borbet already released the wheels BORBET XRS and BORBET DY in 19 inches for the Model 3. True to the motto: If Tesla, then with Borbet.

In addition for the winter, the wheel design BLX is also planned in 8.5×18 inches with an infeed depth of 35 in the “brilliant silver” color version.


Borbet BLX

About Borbet

Family business and traditional company – Borbet is both. Since 1962, the heritage company from Germany’s Sauerland region has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of light alloy wheels. The reason for this: BORBET stands for perfect quality, innovative technologies and pioneering design. Valuable work that has paved the way to being a sought-after partner for the automobile industry and speciality retail. The company’s 130 year existence could only grew due to the engaged, diligent and loyal employees. All of them can be count on in all locations at all times. So Borbet still sees itself as a family. With unbounded passion for the craft, deep affinity to the roots that stretch back to 1881, and the lofty objective of always giving the best for their customers.



Quality is not simply a concept, it is Borbet’s core philosophy. The knowledge and expertise inherent in their quality processes ensure that they continue to meet customers’ requirements. All products are subject to strict controls throughout the entire production process. In order to determine the load capacity of the wheels, various tests are carried out, e.g. the fatigue test or the impact test. The workers at Borbet remove all wheels from the process that do not have the required quality.

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