Oxigin 20 Attraction

Oxigin 20 Attraction

The Oxigin 20 Attraction from the series of Oxigin one-piece wheels is characterized by its 10-spoke design. The concave look gives the wheel a sporty, dynamic and slightly larger appearance. 

The OX20 is available in the color variations classic black and high-contrast black full polish. 

Oxigin 20 Attraction
Oxigin 20 Attraction black
Oxigin 20 Attraction
Oxigin 20 Attraction black full polish

Monoblock wheels are cast in one-piece and undergo many inspections after production until they become a noble Oxigin wheel.

Oxigin 20 Attraction

Made of high-quality aluminum, the Oxigin 20 Attraction also impresses with its low weight. 

The light alloy wheel is available in a size portfolio from 8.5x18 to 10.5x20 inches and is therefore suitable for almost all vehicles, from the compact to the noble luxury class.


Thanks to the Oxigin typical back-turn and the three-dimensional look, the wheel shows spatial depth and elegance.

High Qualitay made in Germany

Oxigin attaches great importance to the production and quality control of all wheels. All rims undergo extensive tests before they go on sale. With the help of X-ray processes and precise measuring methods, for example, the processing of the wheel and the air permeability are checked. In addition, the wheels have to undergo an extreme load and crash test.

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