New Oxigin & Carmani wheels

New Oxigin & Carmani wheels

We are expanding our range of wheels with ten new wheel models from Oxigin and Carmani.

In our range we have monoblock and multipiece wheels as well as all Oxigin Flow Forged rims. 

The new Oxigin and Carmani wheels are now available in our online shop.


As a two-part cast and forged wheel, you can now find the Oxigin MP1 and MP2 in our online shop. In the silver brush color variation, the MP1 is available in the sizes 9×20", 9×21″, 9×22″, 10.5×20″, 10.5×21″, 10.5×22″ and the MP2 in the sizes 9×20″ and 10.5×20″.

Oxigin MP1
Oxigin MP1 silver brush
Oxigin MP2
Oxigin MP2 silver brush


The series of Oxigin Flowforming wheels is fully included in our online shop with the OX21 Oxflow, OX23 Diamond and OX24 Oxroad.

In flowforming, the rim blank is also rolled out, which compacts the aluminum and shows greater stability and strength. This saves raw materials and significantly reduces the weight of the aluminum wheel. 

Oxigin 21 Oxflow
Oxigin 21 Oxflow silver brush
Oxigin 23 Diamond
Oxigin 23 Diamond black full polish


In addition to the already existing range of Oxigin one-piece wheels, the OX22 Oxrs and OX25 Oxcross models are also available in different color variations.

Oxigin 22 Oxrs
Oxigin 22 Oxrs titan polish
Oxigins 25 Oxcross
Oxigin 25 Oxcross titan spark


We complete the Carmani range of wheels with the Carmani 15 Oskar, 16 Anton and 17 Fritz. You can now find all Carmani wheels in all available sizes and in different color variations in our onlineshop. 

Have a look at all color variations and the respective sizes here.

Carmani wheels 15 Oskar
Carmani 15 Oskar crystal silver
Carmani wheels 16 Anton
Carmani 16 Anton hyper gun
Carmani wheels 17 Fritz
Carmani 17 Fritz black

All Carmani wheels are protected against salt and corrosion and are therefore suitable as winter wheels. The winter-proof paint and a snow chain release support the winter suitability.

The Oxigin and Carmani wheels also have a VTA and are supplied with a TÜV certificate.

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