H&R springs BMW M3

H&R springs BMW M3

From now on we've got height adjustable H&R springs BMW M3 available in our online shop. These springs offer a variable lowering while retaining the original adaptive or damping-adjustable shocks. The original shock absorbers can be further used without any limitation in function. H&R springs BMW M3 enable a lowering between 30-45mm at the front axle, at the rear between 10 and 25mm. Product benefits of height adjustable H&R springs BMW M3:
  • Sporty Appearance
  • Lowered center of gravity
  • Individual lowering on the original adaptive or electronic adjustable shock absorbers
  • The original damping adjustment of the shocks maintains without limitation
  • Improved handling characteristics
  • With approval
  • No alignment of the original electronic system necessary
  H&R springs BMW M3 The BMW M3 is considered one of the ultimate high-performance cars. In spite of its breathtaking performance, this sports car offers quite a respectable utility value. The Bavarians are good at it. But \"a little bit more\" is always possible. For example with the height-adjustable H&R spring system. Important to know: The suspension upgrade, also known as the “HVF” system, is used on models with the optional adaptive shocks as well as in the BMW standard version. Either way, the standard dampers are retained. Thanks to the ingenious technology of the H&R height adjustable springs, the vehicle\'s centre of gravity, moves down on the front axle between 30-45 millimetres, at the rear between 10 and 25mm. This ensures even more direct steering and reduces lateral inclination in fast bends without sacrificing the necessary driving comfort. The optical appearance of the coupe also benefits from this.   H&R springs BMW M3 The secret to such success? To put it simply, the technology H&R employs to develop cutting-edge suspension systems for competition use is the very same used to develop innovative suspension components for street-driven cars. For the eighth year straight, H&R has been named the supplier for the DTM teams of Mercedes. In addition, H&R maintains extensive involvement in several touring car, GT and Monoposto racing series, not to mention the Formula 1- where each circuit may have its own demanding characteristics. In the harsh environs of competition, H&R is able to test new materials and innovate production technologies that can help racing teams adapt to changing road conditions accurately and efficiently. Clearly, H&R holds an advantage when it comes to developing competition suspension components, and it is this same flexibility and attention to detail that allows H&R to design and manufacture components like springs, shock absorbers and height-adjustable coil-overs for high-performance street use. Indeed, one of the greatest accomplishments an automotive component manufacturer can attain is to become an Original Equipment (OE) supplier for the automotive industry—and H&R has reached the highest echelon in the industry by supplying precision suspension components to some of the world’s greatest automobile manufacturers. For example, Porsche equips its ultra high-performance Carrera GT as well as its 996 & 997 GT II and GT III with H&R components, while Volkswagen uses them on the Golf R32, the fastest Golf ever. And recently, Mercedes Benz chose H&R suspension components for its CLK supercar, the CLK DTM AMG. Directly derived from Mercedes’ DTM race car, this special model is limited to a production run of 100 units, and with 580-bhp, is one of the fastest production street cars in the world. All of H&R’s products are 100% made in Germany, and meet ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards as well as the rigid safety standards of the German TUV. In addition to the finest-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, H&R prides itself in its ability to remain flexible in product development and production. Whether in motorsport competition or OE manufacturing, flexibility is key to fulfilling the many requirements of the industry today. Simply put, H&R is more than just a suspension manufacturer — it is a company whose core philosophies are innovation, quality and performance.

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