Honda Lug nuts

Honda Lug nuts

We offer Honda lug nuts in different lengths and with different seat for all Honda models in our onlineshop.

For fastening aluminium or steel-wheels to your Honda, we offer the right lug nuts in different lengths.

You will find lug nuts for original and steel-wheels. We also offer additional fastening material for all wheels and all Honda models. 

Please check seat (ball or conical) and correct thread length before ordering.

Lug nuts Honda
Open lug nuts
Honda Lug nut
Closed lug nuts

Our lug nuts will fit these Honda models:

Honda Accord (IV, IV Coupé, IV Aerodeck,V, V Coupé, V Aerodeck, VI, VII, VII Coupé, VII Hatchback)
Honda Civic (V Hatchback, V Stufenheck, V Coupé, VI Fastback, VI Hatchback, VI Stufenheck, VI Aerodeck, VII Hatchback, VII Coupé, VII Stufenheck, VIII Hatchback, VIII Stufenheck)
Honda Concerto (Stufenheck)
Honda Integra (Coupé)
Honda Insight 
Honda Jazz (II, III)
Honda Legend (II, II Coupé, III)
Honda Prelude (IV, V)

Our wheel lug nuts and wheel bolts are made of high quality materials, meet your highest safety requirements and guarantee a long period of use.

Winter complete wheels

With light alloy wheels through the winter! The Autec winter complete wheels have been specially designed for use on wintry roads and are characterized by a sporty and elegant design.

Numerous Autec light alloy wheels in combination with winter tyres from Hankook, Pirelli, Continental and much more are available. Due to the easy-to-clean spoke structure and the high-quality coating, they are particularly easy to care for and resistant to salt, sand and stone chips.

All winter complete wheels are ready-assembled and balanced with brand new winter tyres -> just plug and play!

Autec winter complete wheel
Autec Astana black polished
Autec winter complete wheel
Autec Astana titanium silver polished

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