Eibach for Golf GTI

Eibach for Golf GTI

New Eibach suspension components for the Volkswagen Golf GTI from 2015-2021 are now available in our online shop. Lower your GTI on Eibach Pro-Kit or Sportline springs by up to 1.7'' and complete your suspension upgrade with an Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit and Eibach Wheel spacers. 


Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs deliver upgraded performance and ride comfort using Eibach's industry leading spring widing technology. 

By lowering the Center of Gravity (CoG) the PRO-KIT increases steering response and improves vehicle dynamics for a sportier, more balanced feel. Additionally, the reduction in fender gap and ground clearance also contributes to an enhanced aesthetic.

Achieve a lowering for your GTI by approx. 1.0'' on both axles with Eibach Pro-Kit springs. 

Eibach Sportline

The Eibach Sportline Kit is engineered with the same care as the Pro-Kit springs offering an even lower drop using Eibach's precision engineered progressive spring rates, while maintaining the exceptional ride quality Eibach is known for. 

The GTI is lowered by up to 1.7'' at the front and up to 1.6'' on the rear axle thanks to Sportline springs.

Eibach Pro-Kit springs Golf GTI
Eibach Pro-Kit
Eibach Sportline Springs Golf GTI
Eibach Sportline


The sway bars allow critical fine-tuning of your Stinger's handling characteristics by reducing body roll through increased design stiffness over stock bars. The result: increased handling and cornering grip in any performance-driving situation. 

Manufactured from cold-formed steel alloy for precision performance, and finished with a long lasting red powder coat finish, the Anti-Roll-Kit comes complete with all mounting hardware. 

Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit
Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit
Eibach Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacer VW Golf GTI
Eibach Pro-Spacer


Eibach Pro-Spacer is the ideal combination for use with the Eibach lowering springs, if the original or aftermarket wheels are missing that last optical “kick”.

With the Eibach Pro-Spacer installed, the GTI looks wider and better, as the wheel fills the arch. That’s how the car’s look gets its final touch.

By increasing the track width you achieve an optimized driving behavior combined with higher stability, as the roll of the chassis is influenced in a positive manner.

The Pro-Spacers are available in different versions from 5 to 30 mm width and are sold in pairs. Order them now online and benefit from worldwide shipping and great offers. 

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