DOTZ wheel Misano

DOTZ wheel Misano

The DOTZ wheel Misano in the color variations dark and grey ensures a maximum filigree look. With its numerous offsets and wheel sizes from 17 to 20 inches, the Misano fits a wide range of cars.

DOTZ Misano wheel dark

Concave & Pushing the limits

Concave construction is all about achieving maximum depth. Technical expertise and skill allowed DOTZ to accomplish “maximum performance”.

Maximum thin spokes pairs, the overall composition of which resembles delicate tuning forks, make the DOTZ wheel Misano unique.

The elegant trendy colour appears even more subtle with the polished extras. The offset spokes edges complete the aggressive-edgy look.

VTA approvals for a wide range of car models, such as the Audi A3 to A5, BMW 1 to BMW 5, the new Mercedes A-Class, and classic cars such as the VW Golf, offer aficionados plenty of styling opportunities. Keep pushing the limits!

The idea for the DOTZ Misano tuning wheel comes from the DOTZ project car DD2.JZ for which a customized concept version of the alloy wheel was produced.

Deep dish and an open spokes design form the basis.

In order to comply with all requirements and statutory regulations in the series production, DOTZ optimized the cross-spokes wheel, opting for two color variations: gunmetal and gunmetal front-polished.

DOTZ Misano wheel grey


Thanks to the innovative SRC-paint all polished wheels from the ALCAR Group (DEZENT, AEZ and DOTZ) are protected against salt, intense sun and small scratches. Thereby the wheel still looks great even after many years.

SRC means “Salt & Sun Resistant” while the letter C refers to the sealing layer (coating) – primer layer, paint layer, top layer or sealing layer. The ultra-hard 3-layer finish ensures perfect protection, especially for the cold season.

DOTZ Wheels MISANO grey and dark

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