The DEZENT wheel TD impresses with its straight design, from 14 to 17 inches, in silver, black or graphite.

Matching a lot of different vehicles, the DEZENT TD dark alloy wheel is a real “all-rounder”.

It is the right choice for a city car like the VW up or Škoda Citigo as it is for a Golf VII or for compact SUVs. And just as it befits a modern wheel classic, it is roadworthy all year round, regardless of its finish. The DEZENT wheel TD withstands all snow, slush and road salt out there.

The silver-effect paint makes for an interesting play with lights, while the matt-black and grey variant forms an attractive contrast with ambient lighter shades. It harmonises with the latest colours for cars, but is also perfectly suitable in “Winter wonderland“.

The DEZENT wheel TD has a striking dynamic design with a special effect. Before they enter the slim rim flange, the five straight spokes’ ends receive a “bent effect” through asymmetrical protruding surfaces.

In all its seven dimensions (from 14 to 17 inches) the wheel makes an energetic appearance. The surprising "bent effect" embodies a design that can still look up to date even years later.

DEZENT TD silver