AUTEC Trailer Wheels

AUTEC Trailer Wheels

AUTEC wheels for trailers and caravans with a high load of up to 1.100kg are available in our online shop. The AUTEC Tigris and Yuna wheels are specially designed for high loads and still have an attractive design. 


Tigris proves that form and functionality are not mutually exclusive. The attractive five spoke wheel has a high axle load of 2.200kg and makes every trailer a real eye-catcher. 

AUTEC Tigris is available with 4/100 and 5/112 bolt circles in the sizes 6.0x14" and 6.0x15". The wheel is available in two color variants: graphite and black polished.

Autec wheels Tigris graphite
AUTEC Tigris graphite
AUTEC Tigris black polished
AUTEC Tigris black polished


AUTEC Yuna is tailor-made for car trailers and, like the AUTEC Tigris, offers an axle load of 2.200kg. The striking hole design of the AUTEC trailer wheel convinces to more than only retro fans and is an absolute eye-catcher. 

In the graphite polished version, the unusual design is particularly emphasized, while the brilliant silver color variant provides brilliant accents on every trailer or caravan. In the size 6.0x15" the Yuna wheel is offered with 4/100 and 5/112 bolt circles.

AUTEC Yuna brilliant silver
AUTEC Yuna brilliant silver
AUTEC Yuna graphite polished (AUTEC wheels for trailers and caravans)
AUTEC Yuna graphite polished

As different as both AUTEC trailer wheels are in design, they still have some things in common. Both have an easy-to-clean spoke shape and a high load capacity of 1.100kg per wheel. The single-colored variants brilliant silver (Yuna) and graphite (Tigris) are also winter-resistant. Regardless of whether they are horse, dog, caravan or other car trailers, the wheels are precisely tailored to the various needs.

In addition both wheels have a national type approval (KBA number). This ensures that these wheels correspond to the national policies and test specifications. The KBA number is a unique number that is registered by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority. 

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