The Autec Oktano wheel impresses with 14 spokes arranged slightly like a turbine, which are connected to the outer radius of the rim flange. The multi-spoke wheel Oktano is available in the color variations black polished and gunmetal matt. 

With a 5-hole connection, the Autec Oktano is available with ABE for numerous vehicles in 8.0x18 and 8.0x19 inches.

The lower-lying edges on the spokes and rim edge ensure a certain sophistication and bring out the asymmetrical lines of the wheel perfectly.


AUTEC wheels represent independent, distinctive and creative wheel designs giving every vehicle an individual character. From timeless and elegant up to sportive and aggressive.

AUTEC keeps pace with the changing wheel trends and follows the customer’s requirements. They always keep the highest possible care and a very special attention to detail in mind.

Their wheel program ranges from 14 up to 22 inch for all cars, SUVs and light trucks. Premium finishings in silver, chrome, graphite or front polished black give every AUTEC wheel an impressive appearance.


AUTEC is more than 25 years on the market now and is characterized by a modern production process. A diversified product range, a fully developed quality control system and an immediate availability support also emphasizes their work. Therefore, the company is a dependable, steady and solid partner for every distributor in the aftermarket for light alloy wheels.


All wheels are produced in low pressure casting technology. After 100% x-ray checking the wheels are heat treated and after this process machined in high tech drilling units and lathes. Then a 100% leakage test is carried out.

The wheels are pre-treated, coveres with powder primer, paint and clear coar fully automated. After a final quality control, they are packed in specaially by AUTEC designed covers and boxes.