ATS FlowForming Technology

ATS FlowForming Technology

FlowForming Technology by ATS - a technology that combines just the best out of two different worlds. This innovative production process maintains the advantages of casting production and ensures optimization of weight, resistence and stability for all ATS wheels.

Production process

Parts of the cast alloy wheels get heated to approximately 350 degrees, "rolled-out" and thereby compressed.

To enable this process and to achieve the desired shape, the wheel is streched blank over a rotating cylinder. Both the blank and the cylinder rotate. The rolling heads, which also rotate, press themselves from the outside with pressure of up to 100 tons against the blanks and move downwards.

That process obviously is responsible for the technology’s name: FlowForming.

By using the FlowForming technology ATS does not only save a lot of raw materials, but also enables thinner wall thickness with high stability – a crucial driving dynamics advantage.

Talking about the larger wheels, ATS thereby can save up to 8kg weight per car. That is not only a big advantage for your driving experience but also for our nature. The lower weight helps to reduce emission significantly.

About ATS

ATS combines a ideal interplay of performance, passion and precicion to the manufacture of perfect wheels. 

“Nothing beATS your Performance”: this claim uniquely summarizes the way ATS views performance.

A perfect example of the consistent progress is the Flow Forming wheel, a high-end product made by ATS that meets even the highest demands.

For more than 50 years, ATS has been producing unique innovations that withstand the greatest forces and is a global leader in weight-reduction technologies.

The german wheel manufacturer uses the know-how from many years in motorsport to constantly develop new wheels for daily use on the road. 

Therefore constumers also benefit from the racetrack feeling in their daily drives. The enjoyment of driving combined with balanced aerodynamics and a sophisticated, timeless design are paramount.