Arteon Shooting Brake Eibach

Arteon Shooting Brake Eibach

Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs are now available for the new Arteon Shooting Brake. The sport springs lower the VW by up to 20 mm and ensure an even sportier look.

In 2020 VW launched a station wagon of the Arteon. The luxury sedan is called the Arteon Shooting Brake and is also available as a plug-in-hybrid. The sporty station wagon not only offers plenty of space in the trunk, but also up to 218 HP as an eHybrid with 160 kW on the road. By lowering the suspension with Eibach Pro-Kit springs, the sporty look is further improved and the driving dynamics are optimized.

Lowering springs Arteon Shooting Break Eibach
Lowering springs Arteon Shooting Break Eibach

Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs

The Eibach Pro-Kit is the ideal solution for your serie vehicle. The proven spring system maximizes the handling of your vehicle and ensures a sporty look. 

The Pro-Kit lowers the center of gravity of your vehicle and reduces the rebound when accerlerating, reduces the tendency of the body to roll when cornering and the dip when braking. 

The Eibach Pro-Kit in combination with the appropriate wheels and tires is the guarantee of success for optimal performance. The lowerning springs also minimize the unnecessary distance between the tire and the wheel arch. 

Eibach Pro-Kits are designed by Eibach's chassis engineers and test experts in such a way that they deliver a combination of sporty looks and performance without sacrificing safety or driving quality. 


That is a good way of describing the product philosophy of Eibach. The main aspect of Eibach Suspension Components is a noticeable improvement of the driving characteristics – the basis for being a winner – brought to you directly from motorsports.

The enhanced sporty look on your Chevrolet Camaro with Eibach high-performance products is only of secondary importance. This is where they stand out from other companies: they only lower the vehicle’s center of gravity as far as it is technically practical. You will not find extreme tuning here: at Eibach, performance and handling – therefore the joy of driving – are the priorities.

Eibach’s experts develop, manufacture and test all their products themselves. This is the only way to 100% fulfill the high demands set by both, you the customer, and their team.

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