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Check out the huge range and buy BBS Wheels online – Save on BBS Wheels CH-RII, BBS CI-R, BBS LM, BBS SV and much more BBS styles. A passion for motor racing and the pursuit of perfection – that is the common thread that runs through the success story of BBS.

It all began in 1970 when Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand founded the company in Schiltach, Germany. The three-letter acronym quickly grew to become an established name in motor sport and a popular brand among car drivers around the world who share a passion for quality and design. The BBS legend was born!

BBS stands for the highest standards of quality, accumulated expertise in wheel design and over 35 years of racing experience. Vehicle manufacturers from around the world seek their unique OEM competence, absolute reliability and well-known ability to meet deadlines.

Secure production processes, an ample inventory and sophisticated logistics guarantee the just-in-time delivery. Even the most stringent certification guidelines of the most demanding manufacturers are not only met, but exceeded. BBS – driving enjoyment and a competitive edge as standard!



Long, filigree spokes and an especially small central area give this dynamic lightweight wheel a striking look. The shape alone suggests a close relationship to motor racing, and this is confirmed by the performance – palpable in every turn of the wheel! Highlight is the ‘Motorsport’ laser engraving in the centre of the wheel. Replaceable stainless-steel rim protector. Back-milled spokes for optimal weight.

Sizes: 18″, 19″, 20″

BBS CH-R brillantsilber
CH-R brilliant silver
BBS CH-R satin black
CH-R satin black
BBS CH-R satin titanium
CH-R satin titanium
BBS CH-R Nuerburgring Edition
CH-R Nuerburgring-Edition


Long, thin spokes and a very small center area give the CH-R design its equally timeless and dynamic appearance. The two-piece CH-R II design combines the design language of the bestseller with the latest technology from motor sport in an optimal way. Highlight is the ‘Motorsport’ laser engraving in the centre of the wheel. Replaceable stainless-steel rim protector. Back-milled spokes for optimal weight.

Sizes: 20″, 21″

BBS CH-R II platinum
CH-R II satin platinum
BBS CH-R II black
CH-R II satin black


The wheel captivates not only visually with its distinctive, BBS typical Y-spokes, but is also equipped with all kinds of technical finesse. Weight optimization here is top priority. Thanks to the proven Flow-Forming technology and back-milled spokes, the CI-R is an absolute lightweight construction wheel with replaceable stainless-steel rim protector.

Sizes: 19″, 20″

CI-R platinum silver
CI-R satin black


Minimum mass, maximum stability: That’s what sports car drivers want. And the BBS wheel design FI-R brings along these qualities.

Sizes: 19″, 20″

FI-R platinum silber
FI-R platinum silver
FI-R black
FI-R satin black


A real classic: star and rim in typical motor sport cross-spoke fuse in a seamless look. The highest level of forging technology. The original with diamond cut rim well.

Sizes: 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″

BBS LM brilliant silver
LM brilliant silver

BBS Super RS

The advancement of the legendary RS design. The multi-spoke look combined with technological finesse. Two-piece forged wheel in the popular BBS look with filigree cross-spokes.

Sizes: 19″, 20″ 

Super RS brilliantsilver
Super RS gold


Sporty and stylish with various applications. Soft radii and contours from the hub to the flange enable easy wheel cleaning which is especially in winter extremely practical. But also in spring you are stylish on the road with the diamond-cut version. Spokes that continue through to the hub bore make the model seem bigger, even in 16 inches the wheel makes a significant impression.

Sizes: himalaya grey 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″; volcano grey diamond-cut 17″, 18″, 19″

BBS SR himalaya grey
SR himalaya grey satin
BBS SR volcano grey
SR volcano grey diamond-cut


Clear lines and an unmistakable design suggest the amount of power this wheel wants to be moved by. Specially designed for SUVs for use on and off the road, it gives cars a unique character. An exceptional look that will leave a deep impression.

Sizes: 19″, 20″, 22″

BBS SV black
SV black diamond-cut
BBS SV titan
SV titanium satin


The one-piece newcomer in the fresh double-spoke design with BBS design elements is produced exclusively in Germany. The SX wheel is manufactured in the low-pressure casting process, and is available in the colors brilliant silver and crystal black (special-effect paint) in the dimensions 17 – 20 inches with a General Operating Permit for a variety of vehicles. In addition, for the first time there are ECE fitments – and thus Europe-wide registration-free – wheel applications in 17 and 18 inches in the program. Compatibility with standard tire pressure monitoring systems, a special coating and the unrestricted suitability for snow chains ensure enjoyment of the product.

Sizes: 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″

BBS SX brilliantsilver
SX brilliantsilver
BBS SX platinum silver
SX platinum silver diamond-cut
BBS SX crystal black
SX crystal black


The striking, angular spoke structure gives the XA wheel its unmistakable sporty look, while at the same time clearly retaining the characteristic hallmarks of BBS. Available for middle and upper class vehicles.

Sizes: 18″, 19″, 20″

XA black
XA night fever black diamond-cut