Audi RS3 Sedan made particularly “hot”

Audi RS3 Sedan made particularly “hot”

The current generation of the Audi A3 has already attracted many fans, who could refine their zippy urban runabouts with sport springs and components from H&R. Now, also proud owners of the new Audi RS3 Sedan will be pleased: the suspension professionals offer sport springs, “Trak+” wheel spacers and sports anti-roll bars for the top version of the compact success model.

The H&R engineers bring the four-door car that comes with 400 hp approximately 25-30 millimetres closer to the tarmac thanks to sport springs that are especially adapted to the RS3 suspension. With utmost precision and by maintaining enough remaining spring travel the sport springs were carefully tailored to the combination of the adaptive damping system (MRC) and the electronically controlled RS3 chassis (Audi Drive Select). Fully in the style of a super sportscar this modification allows the standard 19-inch sport wheels to be aligned with the contours of the wheel houses. This self-confident and dynamic appearance goes hand in hand with noticeably more driving dynamics: thanks to the tailored suit from H&R the car’s agility cannot only be tamed on straight roads. H&R’s formula for more driving pleasure: precise steering response plus reduced tendency to roll and lowered centre of gravity. The tried and tested interplay of these factors ensures the RS3 to be conducted through curves in a controlled manner, even when driving swiftly.

And if the RS3 is required to fulfil great demands in terms of lateral dynamics, the H&R professionals additionally recommend optimising the suspension with sports anti-roll bars that are already available for other cars in this model range. Depending on the requirements, they are double adjustable and achieve a precise wheel control and reduced body roll. Additionally, the H&R developers are currently preparing an infinitely variable coil over.

For all RS3 fans who desire even more individuality, H&R recommends “Trak+” wheel spacers that widen the track by 16 to 30 millimetres per axle. They allow for a perfect and “figure-accentuating” alignment of the standard or replacement wheels with the edges of the wheel houses.

H&R components for the Audi RS3 Sedan quattro

Year of construction: 2017, Type 8V with MRC/ Audi Drive Select


Sport springs:



Wheel Spacers, silver and black:



H&R sport springs, H&R wheel spacers for Audi RS3 Sedan H&R sport springs, H&R wheel spacers for Audi RS3 Sedan

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