Your #1 shop for ATS wheels! Elegant design, impressive technical advantages and cost-saving production methods have been the ATS claim for more than 40 years. We combine a graceful look with great stability and sensible prices. In addition, we look back on many years of experience as a partner and fitter for many motorsports racing series. You and your vehicle benefit from this expertise. As part of the UNIWHEELS Group we focus on innovation. For example, besides the well-established flow forming technology we have introduced our own processes to reduce weight. In surface technology we use modern coating and machining processes, for example UV-resistant coatings that we provide up to five years warranty for.

Your advantages with ATS:

  • The expertise from high-tech racing series for your wheel design
  • High quality standards as supplier to Europe’s major car brands
  • Attractive designs in every price segment
  • German forged wheel and motorsports wheel development. Made in Germany

ATS Perfektion



The ATS designers have created a new extraordinary alloy wheel PERFEKTION: it is an expressive wheel with filigree 10 V-shaped spokes.

As typically for ATS this wheel has the strikingly elaborated corners between the spokes, especially in the rim centre. The racing black varnish and the highly polished rim horn provide for a particularly elegant appearance, thus meeting requirements of the top-class.



ATS Crosslight


That the ATS CROSSLIGHT has been specially designed for sports cars is clear right from the first glance. This is because the appearance of the one-piece wheel is closely-based on pure-blooded motorsport wheels. The detailed, v-shaped spokes underline the criteria according to which the CROSSLIGHT has been designed: the highest possible rigidity whilst keeping the weight as low as possible.

The ATS CROSSLIGHT, specially designed for sports cars, is produced using the FlowForming techniques.



ATS Präzision

The aggressive, angular design of the trio of spokes, concentrated into five packages, which provide the ATS PRÄZISION with its really special look. With its sharp and highly defined rows and the technical junctions of the spokes into the flange, the one-piece wheel speaks a design language of its very own. Then there is the special colouring of the rim spider and the spokes with their double polish in racing black. The two polished stages of the flange stand out in contrasting colours, which means the PRÄZISION demonstrates a precise image of design, colour and function.



ATS Racelight

ATS Racelight black ATS Racelight silver

Very low weight with maximum strength due to flow forming technology. An elaborate processing method which is also used with the manufacturing of racing wheels. RACELIGHT is not just the first choice of AMG, Aston-Martin, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche sports cars.

Available sizes: 18, 19 and 20 Inch. Available colours: racing-black or royal-silver. Weight: from 9,8 kg



ATS Temperament

ATS Temperament black ATS Temperament silver

Powerful and masculine – that’s the look of the ATS TEMPERAMENT, a strong alloy wheel specially designed for SAVs and SUVs.
In order to carry through the powerful appearance of off-road vehicles, five powerful double spokes dominate the TEMPERAMENT’s look. These have an exclusive blizzard grey coating, just like the inner rim well.

Available sizes: 18, 19 and 20 Inch. Available colours: blizzard-grey lip polished or royal-silver



ATS Radial

ATS Radial grey ATS Radial silver

A special kind of forerunner for winter: RADIAL presents ATS, the very first creation for the coming winter season – the new light-alloy wheels. A high-tech wheel with impressive elegance, the highest strength, versatile applications and a highly resistant surface coating.

Available sizes: 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 Inch. Available colour: racing-grey

The RADIAL+ in silver finish, offered in three dimensions from 17″ to 19″, has been specially designed for application on practically all BMW models. In other words, the special design of the rim hump is specially designed for the particular demands of run-flat tyres. This technical finesse naturally changes nothing about the fascinating look of the RADIAL+. In fact, the five double spokes are accentuated even more through the new diamond silver finish.



ATS Streetrallye

ATS Streetrallye black ATS Streetrallye white

The ATS STREETRALLYE has narrow spokes designed to be as stable as possible combined with a new rim well designed according to the latest findings.
The 4- and 5-hole connection alloy wheel is practically identical to the RT motorsport wheel developed by ATS which is used by the Prodrive WRC Minis on asphalt rally courses.

Available sizes: 17 and 18 Inch. Available colour: rallye-white or racing-black





CUP – Our classic have shaped decades and was the first trendsetter on the tuning scene. The trailblazer with diamond-black coating and polished surface.

Sizes: 15, 18 Inch – Available in diamond-black front & lip polished



ATS Emotion

ATS Emotion black polished

ATS Emotion black


ATS Emotion silver

ATS Emotion wheels are available in different sizes in 16, 17 and 18 Inch and come in polar-silver, diamond-black front polished or racing-black



ATS Antares

ATS Antares black

ATS Antares silver


ATS Antares wheels are available in different sizes in 15, 16, 17 and 18 Inch and come in polar-silver or diamond-black



ATS Mizar

ATS Mizar black ATS Mizar silver


ATS Mizar wheels are available in different sizes in 16, 17, 18 and 19 Inch and come in polar-silver or racing-black



ATS Twister

ATS Twister silver ATS Twister graphite

The stunning design of TWISTER is like a breath of fresh air on the wheels market. The designers managed to simulate a double rotating rim star by implementing the extraordinary layout of a seven spokes design. Even when the car is stationary, this stylish alloy wheel appears dynamic and in full movement!

ATS Twister wheels are available in different sizes in 15, 16, 17 and 18 Inch and come in dark-grey or polar-silver