ap coilovers and lowering springs for Suzuki Swift

ap Sportfahrwerke now offers coilovers and lowering springs for the Suzuki Swift (NZ) that is available as a three- and five-door, except for all-wheel versions. The springs can be purchased in our onlineshop and ensure a discreet lower suspension setting of 30 millimeters on both axles and work perfectly with the shock absorbers. With the ap springs, the handling of the Suzuki Swift can already be increased. For all those who put an emphasis on an excellent ride comfort combined with the liberty of a desired lower suspension setting, the new ap coilovers are the ideal accessories. The ap coilovers enable a lowering at the maximum of 65 millimeters. The Swift can be lowered on the front axle infinitely variable between 30 and 60 millimeters by the TÜV-certified height adjustment. On the back axle, this is possible between 35 and 65 millimeters.

The ap engineering provides an ideal combination of sportiness, comfort and safety when it comes to the new ap coilovers for the Suzuki Swift (NZ). That is why the popular compact car can be driven more sportingly in everyday-life without losing the residual comfort. The Suzuki Swift can be lowered on the front axle between 30 and 60 millimeters by the aluminum spring caps. On the back axle, the ap coilovers and lowering springs are designer-related separated from each other. That is why the desired lower suspension setting is adjusted by a separate spring cap. In accordance with the TÜV certificate, 35-65 millimeters are possible on the back axle. As a matter of course, the adjustment of the lowering works in built-in state. The suspension made in Germany has steal-zinced components with an extra sealing for an ideal weather resistance. Those Suzuki Swift driver who put an emphasis on a discreet lowering, can purchase ap lowering springs directly in our onlineshop. There are 30 millimeters possible with the lowering kit. The handling of the Swift can be increased by the ap lowering springs noticeably.

Suspension tuning for more driving enjoyment with Suzuki Swift

• ap coilovers and ap lowering springs available

• lowering up to 65 millimeters

• increased steering precision and track stability

• TÜV-tested and German engineering



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