AEZ wheels for vehicle types, SUV and light trucks in 14 to 22 inches at low prices in our online shop. 

The over 20-year AEZ company history is characterized by regular growth. The success is based on the strength of their designs, innovation and excellent product quality.

The AEZ product range includes classic wheel designs, specific wheels for the 3 german premium brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Of course, AEZ offers a wide range of wheels for SUVs and off-roaders too.


AEZ Crest

The cross-spoke design is a long-standing classic in the wheel market. AEZ has now come up with the light alloy wheel Crest, a design icon in this segment. The AEZ manufacturer’s design team has been successful in advancing the classic cross-spoke design, giving the AEZ Crest a double cross-spoke design with a significantly enhanced rim edge, making it look sportier and aggressive.

A new centre, the so-called “smart centre”, has been created and further developed by AEZ engineers, allowing for a more compact and sophisticated construction design. The centre is now dominated by a recessed pentagon, which clearly stands out from the monotony of light alloy wheels available in the market.

AEZ wheel Crest
AEZ Crest high gloss
AEZ wheel Crest
AEZ Crest high gloss

AEZ Panama

The wheel is available for vehicles in the SUV premium segment, such as the new Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Macan, the Mercedes GLE Coupé and the BMW models X3 to X6 – all of them come with an ECE type approval that requires no registration.

The product range must, of course, include the Audi Q7, and in addition to the VW Touareg, the AEZ Panama is a perfect match for the Range Rover Discovery, Discovery Sport and the Evoque. A wide range of offsets from 19 to 64, combined with a concave SUV wheel design, form the basis for multiple applications.

AEZ wheel Panama
AEZ Panama high gloss
AEZ wheel Panama
AEZ Panama gunmetal polished

AEZ Raise

The AEZ wheel Raise has five inventively grouped pairs of spokes stemming from one root. The Y-shaped spokes seamlessly stretching into the flange accentuate the size. The many lightsteps on the spokes and the concave centre underscores the technical design of the wheel.

AEZ wheel Raise
AEZ Raise high gloss
AEZ wheel Raise
AEZ Raise gunmetal polished

AEZ Reef

With the Reef the interplay of straight and bent surfaces produces many lightsteps and much dynamism. Even when standing still, the spokes bent towards the centre reveal their need for movement. And the name of this premium wheel also stands for action.

If you are able to reef the sails, you will steer any boat through turbulent seas. And in the AEZ Reef si’s case SUV drivers in particular will surf on the waves of good taste.

AEZ wheel Reef
AEZ Reef high gloss
AEZ Wheel Reef
AEZ Reef black polished

AEZ Steam

Free of approval, made in Germany, with a classic design that is perfectly in line with modern cars. This is the best way to describe the AEZ Steam.

15 edgy spokes combine elegance and a sporty design. A balanced and proportionally stepped centre area catches the eye at the centre of the rim. The designers have refined the wheel by allowing for a five-fold decorative bore in the centre area, thereby enhancing the wheel’s visual depth in every dimension.

AEZ wheel Steam
AEZ Steam gunmetal polished
AEZ Steam
AEZ Steam graphite

AEZ Straight

The AEZ Straight is very effective in its interplay of dark and polished surfaces in particular. Even at first glance, the 10-spoke layout is very elegant and straight. But the AEZ designers also had a few other aces up their sleeves.

The very concave shape lends the Straight wheel much plasticity and presence, particularly in combination with the darker rim. And one-sided accompanying edges make the struts also appear asymmetrical – an exciting visual dynamism.

AEZ wheel Straight
AEZ Straight black polished
AEZ wheel Straight
AEZ Straight graphite

AEZ Strike

The perfect union for premium SUVs: the AEZ Strike. Here the name stands for a bull´s eye for high-quality and design with ten pairs of spokes. In 18, 19 and 20’’, a high bearing load and a striking look, the wheel is ideal for premium SUVs. Simply a sporty and elegant eye-catcher. An other special feature are the many slim spokes stretching into the flange. The concave centre is a prominent eye-catcher.

AEZ wheels
AEZ Strike black polished
AEZ wheels
AEZ Strike graphite

AEZ Yacht

A stylish yacht as a status symbol for drivers of small, compact and medium-class vehicles? Why not four! With the new design wheel Yacht from the “alloy yard” of AEZ, cars can now float in a uniform car unit stream.

The spoke quintet, which breaks out of the middle of the alloy with force, is reminiscent of the underside of a draggen anchor, which is also used on sports boats. And that is not by chance: the premium wheel manufacturer is a sponsor of the AEZ RC44 team, which participates in the legendary RC 44 cup, a type of formula 1 on the waves.

AEZ wheels
AEZ wheels

About AEZ

AEZ makes quality assurance a high priority. All AEZ wheels undergo numerous tests and are rigorously examined and certified by German TUVs. High-quality products, innovative ideas and continuously setting trends are also imperative for steady and successful growth. As the European market leader for aluminum wheels in the passenger car aftermarket, AEZ also continually sets new standards in B2B and B2C communications. The online 3D AEZ wheel configurator for example leaves nothing to be desired and brings the buyer and interested simply in the digital world of AEZ.