AEZ Steam Graphite Jaguar XF

The new, free of approval, multi-spokes talent: AEZ Steam Graphite. Free of approval, made in Germany, with a classic design that is perfectly in line with modern cars. This best describes the new AEZ rim. In the elegant trending colour gunmetal front polished, the seemingly classic multi-spokes wheel clearly sets itself apart from the mishmash of mass alloy rims. 15 edgy spokes combine elegance and a sporty design. A balanced and proportionally stepped centre area catches the eye at the centre of the rim. The designers have refined the rim by allowing for a five-fold decorative bore in the centre area, thereby enhancing the wheel’s visual depth in every dimension.

AEZ Steam Graphite

Stylish big cat

Estate cars are practical. With the XF Sportbrake, Jaguar demonstrates that they can be elegant and classic, too. On just under five meters overall length, the gentle giant combines clear-cut lines, premium quality materials, a sophisticated chassis and practical handling.

A multi-faceted interior space

Back seat leg room is guaranteed by a wheelbase extension of 5 cm. And thanks to the foldable back seat the boot offers up to 1700 l of storage space which can be filled with ease due to the low loading sill.
Nothing’s in the way of a family outing as there is plenty of space for a balance bike, a pram and a cooler bag. Even for bigger projects this combo fits almost everything from surfboard or hunting trophy to cabinets or building material. The big cat can easily handle up to 575 kg of extra load.
Technically, the Jaguar XF is a multi-talent. Driver drowsiness detection makes the driver feel safe, traction control gets the estate car to glide firmly over the tarmac, and a plethora of driver assistance systems provide relief.
The in-built traction control as well as the air-sprung rear axle featuring automatic level control provide stable driving also when pulling heavy loads.

AEZ Steam Graphite

Power package for all tastes

Choose from four diesel models and one petrol version.
All diesel models come with a turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine and, depending on the version, achieve maximum speeds of 219 to 250 km/h.
The most economic option is the E-Performance. The 8-gear automatic’s standard consumption level stands at just 4.5 l/100 km.
If your preference is petrol, you can go for the XF 25t, a 184 kW four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine which is to be followed by a 300-hp six-cylinder in 2019.

A talent seldom comes alone

With the AEZ Steam Graphite, the Jaguar gets a partner on an equal footing.
With its inward-bent 15 spokes and the trendy graphite paint, this rim bestows an extra dose of class upon the estate car.
Technically elaborate and with a classic yet modern design, the rim stands out in the crowd. The highlight: the AEZ steam is free of approval thanks to ECE.

Steam off in style with the AEZ Steam Graphite and the Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

AEZ Steam Graphite

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