aincluding front axle top mounts
bThe battery has to be modified for vehicles with factory battery longer than 278 mm. We recommend Varta Silver Dynamic 77Ah or Bosch S5 77Ah (not included in the kit).
cNo vehicle specific applications
V2KW coilover kit Variant 2 with adjustable rebound dampening
V3KW coilover Kit Variant 3 with adjustable rebound & compression dampening
3AKW coilover kit aluminum 3-way adjustable racing shock
i.P.In production, development phase completed, availability on request
i.D.In developmental phase. Delivery date upon request
i.P.In preparation. Delivery date available upon request
FAfront axle
RArear axle
0Front and rear height-adjustable (front and rear springs with height adjustment + shock absorbers)
1Height adjustable on the front and rear axles (threaded strut housings)
2Height adjustable front and rear axles (front axle threaded strut housings, rear axle adjustable springs + dampers)
3Only height adjustable on the front axle (threaded strut housings, springs + dampers for the rear axle)
4Height adjustable threaded housing struts for the front axle, sport shock absorbers for the rear axle (Height on the rear axle adjusted by standard torrision bar tuning)
5For height adjustable threaded strut housings, rear axle = standard
6When using original tires, wheel offset spacers may be required
7When lowering more than 40 mm, the anti-sway bar must be retrofitted. Anti-sway bar conversion set without Xenon headlights: KW Part No. 685 50 000, Price: $299,- Anti-sway bar conversion set for vehicles with Xenon headlights: KW Part No. 685 50 005, Price: $349
8Not for vehicles with automatic self leveling control
9The automatic level control must be disabled
10For V2 and V3 coilovers, front shock absorbers need to be removed from the car for adjustment of stiffness
11Front axle strut housings on an exchange basis are available for a deposit of $750,each otherwise, please deliver provide original parts in advance
12To identify the suspension struts, measure the diameter of the strut mounting screw at the steering knuckle. Screw diameter either M12 or M14
13Front and rear axle strut housings available on an exchange basis (2 x deposit fee) - refer to Reference §11
14Only for vehicles with ESP
15Measure the outer diameter of strut housing (45 mm or 51 mm)
16Additional assembly parts are required from the automobile manufacturer for vehicles with self levelling control. (Audi part-no.: damper bearing 8E0 512 121 E, spring base 8E0 512 149 H, bump stop eB0 512 131Q)
17All vehicles manufactured before 6/92 require dome bearings: (BMW Part No.: dome bearing 31 33 6 779 613 + washer 31 33 6 776 760 + collar 331 110 196)
18For front dome bearing caps with a diameter of 80 mm, new parts are required. (BMW Part No.: dome bearings 31 331 139 452 + washer 31 331 116 983 + collar 31 331 110 196)
19Additional front axle assembly parts for vehicles with EDC are required from the automobile manufacturer: for the front: (BMW Part No.: dome bearings 31 331 091 709 + washer 31 331 116 983 + collar 31 331 110 196), for the rear: (BMW Teile-Nr. dome bearin
20Additional assembly parts from manufacturer required. (Fiat Part No.: support bearing 777 59 40 + sleeve 779 52 59 + washer 779 52 60)
21Additional attachments are required from the automobile manufacturer (for the Fiat Bravo/Brava only available for vehicles with original sport suspension). Fiat Part No.: support bearings 00046469709 + strut insulator 00046448102
22Check the rear shock absorber mounting! Standard bolt or fork?
23For Variant 2: Rear axle shock does not offer hardness adjustment
24In Variant 2, the original rear support bearing must be bored to a diameter of 12 mm
25For rear axles adjustable threaded strut housings, for rear axle lowering springs (factory rear dampers are used)
26The 8- digit strut housing number is necessary to identify the strut housing. This number is located on the inner side of the wheel bearing housing. Also, it must be determined if the vehicle has an ABS system
27Strut housings for Polo G40 or Polo III built after 9/90 are only available in advance. Strut housings for Polo I/II models must be delivered in advance for the conversion
28The standard self levelling shock absorber has to be replaced with the supplied sport shock absorber
29Only for vehicles which have rear dampers mounted below with a M 10 screw on the underside; otherwise use Item No. 10260012 or 1526012
30Only for vehicles which have rear dampers mounted below with M 14 screws on the underside; otherwise use Item No. 10260011 or 15260011
31For vehicles with factory lowering is the mentionned lowering reduced by the factory lowering.
32In case of Variant 2 the rear axle rebound damping can only be adjusted with special tools and if damper is dismantled.
33In variant 2: rear axle shock absorber are only available in variant 3
34To insure a minimum height of 350 mm for the front direction indicators (§76/756 EG), it may be necessary to install a conversion kit supplied by the automobile manufacturer. (Alfa Romeo Parts No. 46 226 968)
35Only for vehicles manufactured after 1998. Model year can be found in the 10th position of the vehicle identification number (V=97, W=98, X=99, Y=2000, 1=2001,…)
36Check the inner distance between the two lower clips on the front suspension strut (for 23 mm = Item No. 10290013/15290013) (for 27 mm = Item No. 10290003/15290003
37For cars which have electronic dampers, make sure they are shut down. Specific electronical damper shut-downs are available from KW. Please check our accessories list
37EDCEDC (Electronic Damper Control) disabling unit is included.
38 If the rear axle shock absorber of the car is equipped with M12 thread - you need to modify the supporting bearing unit to M10 thread. Therefore please buy the following BMW parts from the car manufacturer: supporting bearing 33 52 1 132 270, washer disc 33 52 1 136 063, disc 33 52 1 129 565
39For vehicles with a right drive shaft diameter of more than 42 mm, the maximum lowering tested by the TÜV. (German technical inspection association) is reduced by 15 mm
40Original struts need to be sent in advance for modification. Lead time approx. 6-8 weeks.
41Finish = galvanized steel.
42Rear sport shock absorbers and adjustable height sensor link are supplied. The factory pneumatic spring is retained.
43Not for vehicles with Airmatic suspension
44Special upper transverse link required for rear axle drop correction, KW Part No. 68510021 for sedan; 68510055 for wagon, Price: $499
45With Variant 3 system, rear axle dampers are only available in Variant 2 form
46The upper spring perch is fastened to the vehicle; a) beginning Model year 2000 and up with three fasteners to the body, b) via the support bearing that is centrally fastened through the piston rod of the shock absorber
47For vehicles manufactured before 4/02, the piston rod is fastened to the support bearing with an arched disk (piston rod threads visible). In models built after 4/02, the piston rod mount is lowered and covered by a cap (piston rod threads not visible)
49From vehicle no. M45 255 with fork mounting on front axle transverse control arm
50The following parts must be used for front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles without standard sports suspension. (AUDI part nos.: adapter 441 512 347 + support bearing 441 512 331 + ring 441 512 367 + curved washer 441 512 349)
51Lowering can be achieved if required by adjusting the standard leaf springs.
52In the case of variant 1 rear shock absorber with stiffness adjustment.
53The front wheel hub and ABS sensor are among the items supplied.
54Only for vehicles without air suspension
55Only for vehicles equipped with electronic dampening control
56If the Porsche Motorsport rear axle top mount # 99633301190 is installed, the KW top mount adapter set # 68510036, price$149, has to be used.
57Only for cars with a clamp diameter of 54,6 mm on the front axle
58Only for cars with a clamp diameter of 49,8 mm on the front axle
59The following part has to be used for cars which have the standard rear axle self levelling system: Volvo rear axle top mount # 306 66 271 has to be used.
60Only for cars with 2-hole-bracket at front axle
61Only for cars with 3-hole-bracket at front axle
62Not for vehicles with electronic dampening
63To achieve the necessary clearance of the wheels on the front axle, significant modifications are necessary at the inside of the fender (at the front side of the wheel arch). On the rear axle you have to modify the chassis fold in the area of the stabilizer)
64At lowering of more than 40 mm an increased tire wear is possible. We recommend to use the camber adjustment set for the front axle (Mercedes article no. 210 330 00 18)
65At lowering of more than 40 mm an increased tire wear is possible. We recommend to use the camber adjustment set for the front axle (Mercedes article no. 202 330 01 18)
66With TÜV test report to present for homologation according to § 21 (according to German transport & traffic regulations - mainly for Germany)
67Valving is adjusted by adjustment knobs, rebound is only adjustable if the top of the piston rod is accessible. This will depend on the design of the vehicle.
68When installing the pump unit components, additional mounting parts from the car manufacturer might be necessary. For that please note the vehicle specific installation instructions.
69Coilover strut housing in galvanized steel construction.
71For correction of the camber on the rear axle you need special upper suspension arms. KW part no. 68510048, price is $399
72Stock front strut housings (disassembled, cleaned and in undamaged condition) can after install be returned to our California location for a refund of $250 per pair.
73There is no need to install spacers on the front axle for sufficiant clearance of the factory tyres.
74An additional electronic control unit is necessary to shut-down the original electronic damper control. Please refer to the "EDC Cancellation Kits" tab. After the installation of the electronic control unit the engine fault code needs to be deleted at a dealer.
75 The tread width and camber needs to be adjusted like or almost like factory according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. If the camber exceeds 4° at the rear axle with the maximum permissable axle load we recommend to use our adjustable control (KW no. 68510060 price $499)
76For vehicles from 2004 onwards extreme reworking is necessary for creating sufficiant clearance of the wheels. Only for cars with hole distance of 54 mm on the front axle strut (without "Pack Sport Chassis").
77At vehicles equipped with a factoy sport suspension kit the electronic damper control needs to be deactivated at your local Maserati dealer (Instructions for the deactivation are included in delivery)
78If the car is equipped with PASM, the PASM needs to be disabled.
79Vehicles with a two-part leaf spring on the rear axle have to be equipped with a one-piece leaf spring. (for Caddy VW part no. for leaf spring spring 2K0 511 151 N for Caddy Maxi VW part no. for leaf spring spring 2K3 511 151 E)
80Additional assembly parts from manufacturer required. Maserati Part No. For the front: 2x Hyperblock M205586; for the rear: 2x Hyperblock M205587; front & rear: 4x holder M200336, 4x Spacer M201167, 4x spacer ring M201904
81At vehicles with four-wheel-drive the coilover kit variant 3 can only be used in combination with wheels with a size of 17“ and higher.
82At vehicles up to the later model 04+ addition parts of the car manufacturer are necessary: (Honda part-no. 51320-SAA-J01 + 51321-SAA-J01)
83Standard leaf spring has to be dismantled!
84At vehicles equipped with audi magnetic ride, the electronic damping control needs to be deactivated. Deactivation kit KW Part-no. 68510124, Price $399
85For rear axle camber adjustement we recommend the installation of the adjustable control arm from KW. KW part no 68510061 price $399
86We recommend to replace the anti-sway bar for more spring travel and comfort. KW Part No. 685 50 000, Price: $299 Anti-sway bar conversion set for vehicles with Xenon headlights: KW Part No. 685 50 005, Price: $399
87For ensuring the minimum necessary head light height of 350mm from the ground, the maximum lowering range could be reduced up to 20mm.
88Electronic damping control has to be deactivated. Deactivation kit is included in the delivery.
89Height adjustability only for front axle (springs + height adjustment), rear axle lowering with standard air suspension.
90Aluminium suspensions struts
91Front and rear height adjustable (front and rear springs with threaded height adjusters). Stock shock absorbers including electronic controls are being utilized.
92Not for cars with electronic damping (adaptiv damping system ADS)
93At maximum lowering, FA indicator light and day headlight beyond STVZO have to be modified
94Variant 2 available while supply lasts. For more information please send an email to info@kwautomotive.com
95Top mounts can also be combined with a KW coilover kit. Therefore some additional parts have to be ordered (springs, intermediate rings). Please ask our sales department.
96Without German TÜV certificate, optional with stability confirmation for individual registration according to §21 German law, clubsport top mounts generally witout TÜV certificate.
97Clubsport coilover with top mount: only with front axle top mount available
98Clubsport coilover with top mount: with front- and rear axle top mount available
99Without homologation paper
US1If a lowering rate of more than 1.5" is desired, our alignment kit (Part# 4956) needs to be purchased.
300Stock "Raised Mode" remains available. Lowering disabled while in "Raised Mode"
303Lowering remains in effect, even if stock "Raised Mode" is selected.
304Installation requires two wires to be cut and reconnected.
305DLC System can be controlled using stock controls.
306Max. lowering rate can be achieved in "dynamic mode".
307Only for vehicles equipped with PDC (Park Distance Control).
350When the standard high mode was deactivated after exceeding the speed limit of 100 km/h / 63mph, the lowering must be reactivated by pushing a button in the MMI