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Here you can order EtaBeta Wheels at low price! Our EtaBeta wheel finder helps you to find the correct size and application. All EtaBeta wheels are Made in Italy and have a TÜV approval or ECE certification! EtaBeta Styles Jofiel, Tettsut, Piuma, Rochel, Uriel and the brand new concave Design Venti-R.


Etabeta Jofiel

etabeta_jofiel_x-silver etabeta_jofiel_x-ceramic etabeta_jofiel_x-black_polish etabeta_jofiel_silver etabeta_jofiel_ceramic etabeta_jofiel_black_red etabeta_jofiel_black_polish etabeta_jofiel_black etabeta_jofiel_x-black


The ETA BETA Jofiel alloy wheel range stands alone, above all others as the flagship, as the ultimate, as the supreme luxury alloy wheel. The Jofiel wheels are truly an iconic symbol of ETA BETA’s innovative styling and advanced manufacturing techniques. Jofiel and Jofiel X alloy wheels are most popular for Audi A5 S5 and R8, Bentley Continental, Porsche, BMW M3 and M6, VW Scirocco and Lamborghini

  • different setups and finishes
  • staggered combinations
  • Most applications TÜV and KBA approved
  • Max load up to 1000kg


EtaBeta Tettsut

etabeta_tettsut_x-silver etabeta_tettsut_x-nero etabeta_tettsut_x-ceramic etabeta_tettsut_x-black etabeta_tettsut_silver etabeta_tettsut_ceramic etabeta_tettsut_black_red etabeta_tettsut_black_polish etabeta_tettsut_black


The Tettsut is considered the benchmark of any alloy wheels available on the market today. Many manufacturers try to imitate and never succeed. With it’s clean cut, innovative structure and true Italian design & build quality. It never fails to amaze. The maximum load index makes this wheel legendary and perfect for fitments on SUVs and light trucks.

Available sizes:

8.0×17 / 8.0×18 / 8.5×18 / 8.0×19 / 9.0×19 / 8.0×20 / 9.0×20 / 10.0×20 / 10.0×22



  • different setups and finishes
  • staggered combinations
  • most applications TÜV and KBA approved
  • Max load up to 1000kg

EtaBeta Piuma

etabeta_piuma_black etabeta_piuma_black_matt_polish etabeta_piuma_black_polish etabeta_piuma_black_red etabeta_piuma_silver















The Piuma is a wheel of pure energy. With it’s classic and concave y-spokes made from the highest quality materials, this makes it an extremely popular alloy wheel for those who demand the very best performance and handling.

8,0×18 / 8,5×18 / 8,5×19 / 9,5×19 / 11,0×19 / 9,0×20 / 10,5×20 / 9,5×22 / 10,5×22




EtaBeta Uriel

etabeta_uriel_black etabeta_uriel_silver etabeta_uriel_ceramic_polish etabeta_uriel_black_red etabeta_uriel_black_polish etabeta_uriel_black_matt_polish















To define luxury is hard, but with the new uriel range it’s clear that luxury can come in many forms.

Sizes: 9×20″, 10×20″, 10×22″
Offset: from 15 up to 50
Bolt Pattern: from 5×108 up to 5×131

  • different setups and finishes
  • Most applications TÜV and KBA approved
  • Max load up to 1025kg



Etabeta Venti-R

etabeta_venti-r_dc_silver_polish etabeta_venti-r_dc_gold_matt_polish etabeta_venti-r_dc_black_polish









Eta Beta Venti R – The new concave Design from etabeta VENTI-R is designed by mbDESIGN. It is a tribute to the outstanding italian wheel designs from the early 80´s.

Technical facts:

  • 8,5×19″ and 8,5×20″ with plain concave center for max. clearance and big brake kits
  • 9,0×19″ / 9,0×20″ / 10,5×20″ with deep concave center for extreme look on the rear
  • 9,5×21″ deep concave look for A5 S5, RS6, 5series BMW etc.
  • VENTi-R Embossment
  • Made in ITALY & TÜV approved