A - Com-mon NotesThe specifications indicated in the TÜV approval are for the classification of the item / vehicle. Please check the type approval number of your car and compare with the homologation. (Letter "K" in your vehicle registration certificate or to find at the type plate of your car!)

Please verify before fitting by means of TÜV certificate whether the delivered items (please see marking) are approved for your vehicle (please see area of use).You can find the current TÜV approval on www.eibach.de

In case of non-conformance the items must not be fitted – please refer to your dealer.

Mounting - we recommend to have our spring system installed by a qualified workshop only, that has skilled personnel and the required special tools available.

Mounting position - you can "read" the mounting position of the springs from the imprint - have them installed just the way you read the imprint.

Wheel adjustment - after completion of the spring/suspension installation, checking the wheel adjustment is required.

Shock absorbers - if the standard shock absorbers are not fully operative anymore and their efficiency has worn off considerably, we strongly recommend to replace those by new standard shock absorbers or by sports shock absorbers.

The installation of Sport-Shock Absobers is recommended. As example Bilstein B8

Here all wheel/tyre-combinations are possible, which are released by the wheel type testing institution. The instructions in the wheel approval have to be adhered to, except for: OE suspension is required.

Depending on engine, gearbox/transmission, equipment and vehicle tolerances lowering may differ from the values given. The dimension of lowering is reduced by the dimension of lowering carried out by manufacturer.

The applicability of our products deals with standard cars. In any case of reconstruction (even with OE-accessory-parts), as the installation of an accessory-brake-system (e.g. ceramic-brakes), sport-suspension, LPG-(liquefied petroleum gas)-system for example, the usage of our products may be excluded.

The stated measurements are referring to new standard cars. Measuring points: vertical distance from the middle of the wheel hub to the bottom edge of the mud wing. Generally the stated measurements are nominal values, which can vary depending on every car.
7.The spring plates installed by the manufacturer are available at DB specialist workshops in sizes 8-23 mm. This allows to vary the lowering indicated here.
9.For tyre equipment 205/50/15 and rim 7J x 15. Recommendation: installation of sports gas pressure shock absorbers of similar construction.
10.Part number is available only from our special distributor. Please ask for availability and price.
12.Not lowered by manufacturer. (OE-sport suspension)
15.Not fully equipped.
16.The special equipment mentioned below contents following point system:

air-condition 7 points
automatic-transmission (4+5 Cyl.) 4 points
automatic-transmission (6 Cyl.) 2 points
independent car heating 3 points
sunroof 2 points
ABS 2 points
Airbag 1 point
engine skid plate 1 point
electronic seat adjustment 2 points


up to 7 points 8 mm (1 point rubber plate)
up to 13 points 13 mm (2 point rubber plate)
up to 21 points 23 mm (4 point rubber plate)

More than 21 points the lowering Kit is for this version not possible
18.Without levelling control.
19.Vehicles with 6 cylinder engine require retrofit with sports shocks.
20.Except vehicels with 4WD.
21.Except electronic suspension systems.
22.In combination with Eibach suspension springs or original suspension.
23.Front and rear axle height adjustable by threaded strut.
24.Front axle height adjustable by threaded strut, rear axle by height adjustable unit.
25.In order to ensure sufficient clearance it may be necessary to use wheel spacers if the car is equipped with original wheel sizes.
26.When the car is lowered more than 40 mm in combination with a drive shaft diameter more than 42 mm, the original equiped front stabilizer bar has to be replaced by the EIBACH Anti-Roll-Kit part.-no. E40-85-005-01-11.
28.Only for vehicels with electronic drive-balance-control.
30.Height adjustment only according the measurements indicated in the TÜV-certificate.
32.Except models "Sportive" and Sport (models were are equipped with Bilstein shock absorbers)
34.Only for vehicles with front damper diameter of 55 mm
35.Only for vehicles with front damper diameter of 50 mm
36.For vehicles with EDC additional fitting parts of the manufacturer is necessary: front: BMW-Part-No.: top mount assembly (31 331 091 709 + 31 331 116 983 + 31 331 110 196) rear: BMW-Part-No.: top mount assembly (33 521 091 710 + 33 521 090 282 + 33 521 092 986 + 31 331 137 932 + 33 531 091 031)
37.Only front axle height ajustable, rear axle spring and shock absorber
38. Only front axle height ajustable, rear axle shock absorber
39.For models from 04.2002 onwards the fixation of the piston rod is deepened and covered through a flap (piston rod thread not visible)
42.The spring travel dependent brake-pressure regulator at the rear axle has to be inspected and, if necessary, adjusted according to the workshop manual.
44.The original rear dampers have to be replaced by the supplied dampers.
45.In some cases additional OE-Parts for the installation of the suspension componends are required. Therefore please take a look at the corresponding technical documents which are available on our webside.
47.The original rear dampers have to be replaced by conventionally dampers.
48.In the case of vehicle models with ride height control dampers (mark 2R or 4R) these must be changed to O.E. dampers with mark 1U or 3U, part number: 96 80 99 98, catalogue number: 48 06 443.
49.For vehicles with 4WD only!
50.Only for vehicles with 51mm front strut clamp.
52.Only for vehicles with single leaf spring.
53.Only for vehicles with double leaf spring and single leaf with distance part.
54.Not for vehicles with ride-height control system. For vehicles with Off-Road Classification only allowed with pass-by-noise less than 75 dB(A) and change of classification to M1.
56.Vehicles with combined fog- and running lights have to be checked whether the height of the lower edge of the light is not closer than 350 mm to the ground. In this case additional running lights have to be mounted higher thand 350 mm. The original running lights have to be decomissioned by removing the bulbs an the cable connection.
58.not suitable for model "Cross"
59.Only for vehicles with following characteristics: front axle: steel spring, rear axle: levelling control
60.excluded Colt Rallyart up to 2009
61.strut fixing with screw M14 (4-hole wheel attachement)
62.strut fixing with screw M16 (5-hole wheel attachement)
63.from addition 14
65.Please check your fin: this kit fits: 10th character=letter (A, B, ...)
66.for 5-Seater
67.for 7-Seater
68.Increased axle-load when using trailer (see TÜV approval).
69.If a national individual type approval exist, it is necessary to approve a modification acceptance according to §19/2 StVZO.
70.Electronic damper control systems at vehicles have to be deactivated.
71.without type: 1.6 Racing (DS3)
73.front wheel drive
74.original spring plate must be use
75.without AC (Air-Condition)
76.thread dimension: M12
77.outer diameter front strut 45 mm
78.Due to the usage of gas pressure technology of the B6 / B8 dampers the dimension of lowering may vary slightly vehicle-specifically. Functionality of electronic dampers is not applicable . - If available, we recommend to use Pro-Tronic.
79.coilspring inner diameter 116mm
80.coilspring inner diameter 106mm
81.without 3. row of seats
82.distance between fixing holes front 58mm
84.not available for vehicles with xenon headlights (any mounting for the self-levelling headlamp system at the dampers)
85.thread dimension: M16
86.short wheel-base
87.without off-road type
88.standard suspension
89.thread dimension: M10
90.thread dimension: M14
91.with drum brake
92.with disk brake
93.only for vehicles with base axle
94.only for vehicles with plus axle
95.only for struts, which are screwed together
97.without 1BH (Off road package)
98.with coil spring suspension
99.outer diameter front strut 47 mm
101.Once B12 kit is installed the electronic damper control will not be available anymore. You will see a trouble code. This can be re-programed by an official garage/dealership. If available for your vehicle, we recommend to use Pro-Tronic to avoid the trouble code.
102.For campmobiles
103.up to chassis number: 200011 ; up to chassis number: 3B-YE121222
104.up to chassis number: 3B_YE121221
106.up to chassis number: 41999999
107.up to chassis number: 48999999
108.up to chassis number: 4B-Y-200000
109.up to chassis number: 4D-Y-020000
110.up to chassis number: 8D-1-030000
111.up to chassis number: 8D-1-030001
112.up to chassis number: 8D-X-200000
113.up to chassis number: 8E-2-400 000
114.up to chassis number: 8E-5-400 000
115.up to chassis number: 8E-7-400 000
116.up to chassis number: A394035
117.up to chassis number: YS3ES55CD1
118.for type: Avantgarde
119.for type: Avantgarde, Elegance
120.except type: JC Works GP
121.except tpye: "iL"
122.for type: G02
123.for type: G02, GT, GTI
124.for type: G07, G08
125.for type: G07, G08, G09, G11
126.for type: G07, G08, G09, G11, GT, GTI
127.for type: G29, G30
128.for type: M 030
129.for type: M 033, except type M30 Turbo
130.for type: ohne EDC (electronic damper control)
131.from chassis number: 199008-> 199209
132.from chassis number: 199210 ->
133.from chassis number: 3B-YE121222 ->
134.from chassis number: 4B-1-000001 ->
136.from chassis number: 4B-W-070001-> 4B-Y-200000
137.from chassis number: 4D-1-000 001 ->
138.from chassis number: 51000001 ->
139.from chassis number: 8D-1-030000-> 8D-W-006471
140.from chassis number: 8D-1-030001 ->
141.from chassis number: 8D-1-030001 ->;from chassis number: 200007 ->
142.from chassis number: 8D-W-006471-> 8D-1-030000
143.from chassis number: 8D-X-200000 ->
144.from chassis number: 8D-X-200001-> 8D-1-030000
145.from chassis number: 8E-2-400001 ->
146.from chassis number: 8E-5-400 001 ->
147.from chassis number: 8E-7-400 001 ->
148.from chassis number: A394035 ->
149.from chassis number: A394036 ->
150.from chassis number: F054768 ->
151.from chassis number: YS3ES55CD2 ->
153.not for distribution in China (Taiwan)
154.only in combination with Bilstein Teile-Nr. /part-no. AC0-H454 - only available at Bilstein: mail: info@bilstein.de / Tel: +49 (0) 23 33 / 7 91-4444
155.only in combination with BMW part-no. 31 32 1 139 423 (2x) - only available as BMW-OE-parts (stoneguard)
156.only in combination with BMW part-no. 31 33 1139 436 - only available as BMW-OE-parts (top mount)
159.without EDC
160.If replacement required: You will find the components in the homologation under the point "Amendment of the vehicle documents". The homologation can be downloaded on: www.eibach.com - click on British flag - Online Catalog / Product & Homologation Search (RED BUTTON)
161.If replacement required: Please contact your dealer. - Please have your car documents, part numbers and sales receipt ready to give detailed information.
162.Not for "Caddy Maxi"
163.LPG-(liquefied petroleum gas)-system"-engines included!
164.only in combination with BMW part-no. 33 50 6 778 572 (2x) - only available as BMW-OE-parts (stoneguard)
166.Land of production: Great Britain
167.up to chassis number: 7L-9-045000
168.Only for cars with PASM (electronic damper control).
170.For cars with independent suspension at the rear axle.
171.For cars with rear live axle.
174.Not for suspension strut at the rear axle.
175.For vehicle with electronic damper control. (Series). PRO-TRONIC suppresses the error message after installaton of dampers or coil-overs (B12/PSS) without electronic adjustable dampers. The functionality of electronic damper control is not applicable.
176.For vehicle with electronic damper control. (Series). PRO-TRONIC suppresses the error message after installaton of the coil-over-suspension (PSS). The functionality of electronic damper control is not applicable. The kit includes the PRO-TRONIC-unit.
177.Vehicle with electronic damper control (Series) require the PRO-TRONIC-unit AM65-20-030-01-22. Please order separately.
178.For "Crosstouran"
179.Vehicles of the category M1G (Offroad) must be reclassified as M1.
180.from chassis number: WAUZZZ8....11201
181.for vehicles without AMG-suspension
182.for vehicles with AMG-suspension
183.not for "STI"
184.Spring plate may be changed! - Kit E8530-140 may require OE-Spring-Plate No. 1HO412341. Kits E8547-140 and E8550-140 may require OE-Spring-Plate No. 357412341A.
185.up to chassis number: KNEJC524875 644 788
186.from chassis number: KNEJC524875 644 789
187.from chassis number: WAUZZZ8....11201
188.for type: G01, G02, 0N4
189.for type: G01, G02, 0N1
190.for type: G03, G04, G05, G06, G07, 0N4
191.for type: G03, G04, G05, G06, G07, 0N1
192.Only for vehicles without PASM (electronic damper control).
193.Only for vehicles without air suspension.
194.for type: ZFA, not for type 3C3 (USA)
195.not for type 3C3 (USA)
196.Damper length: FA: 564 mm, RA: 666 mm
197.Damper length: FA: 543 mm, RA: 645 mm
198.Stabilizer diameter 20mm
199.Stabilizer diameter 21mm
200.for type: 0N9
201.for type: 04N
202.for type: G46, G57, G10
203.for vehicles with EDC (electronic damper control)
204.for type: G01, G04, 0N1
205.for type: G01, G04, 0N4
206.for type: G01, 0N1
207.for type: G01, 0N4
208.for type: G02, 0N1
209.for type: G02, 0N4
210.Only Export - nor available in Germany - only without homologation!
211.long wheel base